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Hello, could you tell me if it would be possible to have 3 levels of drop down menu’s, rather than 2 levels as is found in the menu’s stock form?

If so, how difficult would this be to implement? Would it be as simple as adding a few lines of code to the CSS ? (and if so, would you mind sharing that code?) or would it be more difficult than that?



First, thanks for the purchase!

You should be able to duplicate the CSS from the Second Tier for the Third Tier with some minor adjustments. Please let me know if you have any further questions. For the quickest response, contact me via my user profile. http://themeforest.net/user/mbsatunc

Hi there, thanks for this great module.

I am trying to set the colour of text on hover like so

ul#nav > li:hover { background-color:#f0f0f0; color:#FF0000 !important;


however to my dismay this is not working, can you advise on how to change the colour on hover thanks ?



Thanks for the purchase! Target this instead:

ul#nav > li:hover a {}

Hey, do you have a forum or something? I need more step-by-step guidance, because I’m pretty lost as to how to implement this. I’d like to use this as a menu on my wordpress installation’s footer. I need to know what, exactly, to place in footer, and if there’s anything else I also need to do. Thank you. :)

Really sorry for the delay in my response. Been moving for the past week without internet.

Unfortunately, I do not have a forum. We can continue our dialog. Just shoot me a message via my user page: http://themeforest.net/user/mbsatunc

Hi, is possible that the choice of the current page is highlighted? I require a menu for this site tekioled.com, not wp but for me to stay html equal to this in wp, you can achieve this with your script?


This is certainly possible. It would just be a matter of adding the needed selectors to the existing CSS code.

Hi, when I hover over the top link I can see the dropdown, then when I go to click on it, it disappears, until I rehover over the top link again, its odd and happens in all 3 browsers, ie,ff,and chrome http://bigfishabc.com/schneider/new/

Sorry for the delay in response. I had a look at the site and it looks like you’ve resolved the issue? Guessing it was a z-index problem? Let me know if you have further questions.

can you tell me which item to add the z-index to, I have tried the hover, the nav, and others, this is odd behavior, it only happens every few times, try to go on and off the dropdown link, please

You can use this:

ul#nav_links li ul { z-index: 999; }

awesome mate . good luck