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Best work, good luck with sales :D

Nice Work…. GLWS

Hi, this works great but I do have a suggestion. Wouldn’t it make more sense to offer the ability to set the width to auto and add simple padding to the button instead of only having the option to set button width in pixels and then needing to mess with horizontal position.

I don’t know about other designers, and I am not really a designer but for me personally my buttons contain a lot of different text, so having the button css as a set pixel width doesn’t really make sense. So I think this would be much more useful if the script did the css this way instead of the other way.

To be completely clear, if you type in 5 words with a set pixel width it won’t fit. But if you simply set the width to auto or at least have that option and the option to add padding, then all button text would always fit and look great. It just seems like it makes more sense to me this way.

width: auto; padding-right: 5px; padding-left: 5px;

But again I am not a designer so perhaps there is a reason why you didn’t do it like this.

HI, thanx to your suggestistion, it’s an interesting idea, I’ll try to put an option like this in the next update!

You have a demo glitch :) I tried your preview in IE11 and was told my browser doesn’t support css3. Obviously it does support css3.

ah… thnx for the feedback i’ll check it!

ah… thnx for the feedback i’ll check it!

ah… thnx for the feedback i’ll check it!


I can buy and upload tools to my website, publish for my visit use ?

hi! i’m not sure to understand, but you can use the generated code in your websites, but not publish the generator on it!

have fun !


why the demo not GENERATE CSS and HTML code ????

haha if you want the code you must buy the plugin ;-)

Do you mean the DEMO you set to not GENERATE CSS and HTML code? Can i make this scripts as public ? let every one can use if free ?

no you can’t :) its done for your exclusive use

This script is easily purchased after malicious transmission, what can limit this spread? For example, the HTML rewrite into PHP? CSS JS encryption? I have a great respect for copyright.

Amazing Work dude

thnx !