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Cool. Could I run this on a server and have visitors make their own buttons? Thanks, Mark

Thanks Mark!

You could run it on a local server and have developers use it for development of cool buttons.

Very neat, l’d love to see a demo of this even if it were in a limited capacity.

Also what framework is this running on, the GUI looks stellar, yet vaguely familiar.

Thanks jspicher!

I’ll see if a demo could be doable. There are some detailed video previews available

It’s using Ext JS library, and yes one of the main reason why I love it is their GUI look ;)

Very cool thanks man. Is the code obfuscated? I’m considering purchasing just to dissect some of the EXT JS code to learn it myself, that’s awesome!

very nice indeed.

i cant seem to find any reference to DB connection.

maybe better install documentation is needed as i cant get it to work.

Thanks mrChristo!

Latest versions of Opera, Safari and Chrome support Web SQL DB and there shouldn’t be any troubles with DB with those browsers. However, Firefox 3.6+ doesn’t support it so we have to use Google Gears as a workaround. A Google Gears add-on for Firefox is required in order to function properly. A detailed video on installation of the add-on is available at

Hope this helps.

thanks man,

got it working…..just didnt have the add-ons

have noticed strange things in IE but dont really use it.

but once again…..tre cooool application and for anyone getting there head around css3 this is the PERFECT tool for buttons.

cant wait for your next release +1

Thanks and really glad to hear that!

Unfortunately IE doesn’t support most (if not all) of CSS3 features, although DB functionality can be provided via Google Gears, using the tool in IE is sort of pointless – you can’t really get the real preview of the button. The tool, however makes efforts to provide some fixes for IE in the generated code.

Cheers and thanks for your purchase!

Great interface for button creation! ;)

Thanks a bunch AlexBay! 8-)

Hope you have commercial license for ExtJS…

Yes, I do have cime.


Is it possible to add any icon inside the buttons ? like download, upload, buy, next , previous typical action ?

Hi brainfight,

You can use any content within the “Content” field including HTML and CSS . So, yes, you can show icons in the button, as image or CSS background. Just make sure you use proper image location. Hope this will help you, if any troubles let me know.


This is awesome a great piece of software dude!!

Thanks Jonny!

hello. How can you add new button designs? I would like to preload more designs Thanks!

Hi ashmetry,

You can add new designs by using ”+ save as new” button in the bottom bar of the screen. Once you are finished with designing the button, click on the ”+ save as new” and your new button design will be saved and available in the DB.


Thanks for your message. But that Save only saves it to the current visitor on the current computer not globally. Also I wanted to import more CSS button templates from other sites. Such as this:

Is that possible?

At this moment that is unavailable.

can i upload on my hosting / server in order visitor can create css3 button ?

Hi denbagus,

Yes, if you use it within your web site/web app you can make it available for your visitors to use this tool


i want to add some banner is this application .. how to do that ?

please advice

thank you

Hi denbagus,

Can you please clarify? How do you mean adding a banner? This application generates CSS3 buttons


Bought your app and worked with it last night, saved me loads of time on creating buttons, before I did the creation manually…

Thanks and kudos to you!

Hey Mopensource,

Thanks and so glad to hear that :-)



I would like to know does it support pattern overlay on buttons and transparency setting?

Best Regards, jch02140

Just bougth it currently setting it up for my site website tools but in firefox its not working any idea on how i could fix this?