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Thanks Klerith!

I like it, will get it soon.

Awesome! Thanks :)

I’m thinking of buying this item – do you offer support?

Offering any support you need. You can ask any question here or by sending an email.

hello,thanks for the great buttons. i have a question: how to make the last button transition from right to left?

Sorry for the late reaction. Been on holiday for 2 weeks. The buttons are animated by adding more width with CSS3 Animation. If you want the last one to animate left, you should make another animation for the last-child. In the cssocial.css you can find the part that animates the button. Change this!

okay newbie question.. how the frig do i get these uploaded on my site FTP? won’t install as a plugin. Should i be dropping the CSS styles into wp-admin/css?

Do you still need help with this? If yes, I’ll explain how to use the buttons.

yes please i want to incorporate a few into my site

- Please upload the buttons.css file to your FTP & connect it to your HTML file or add the CSS from the buttons.css file to your style.css.

- Add the images that are used for the buttons to your image folder.

- In Wordpress you can add the buttons by pasting the HTML snippets(can be found in the easy documentation) into your Wordpress page.

Hello!! Do you have a way ! to change the ( name of the Twitter account ) and Put ( share ) the page that has the code ?

it isn’t just Twitter , I mean all .

Hi – I’ve purchase this and using on my site. One thing:

On iPad Mini, the animated icons animate out and link to a new tap… but when I go back to the original page, the animated text is still showing and doesn’t hide again. Any ideas?

Thanks, Eileen

tinequran – it’s in the button code


The last line is where you change the name or write ‘share’

hmmm, and where is Facebook?

hi there- wondering if i can use these for a team page with various profile urls. is there a short code where i can use the specific social media icon that i want and have it specific to that team member. and be able to use it for multiple team members with different, say, linkedin urls? thx.

hey, wondering if someone can get back to me on this??

Excellent design!