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EmeraldArt does not currently provide support for this item.

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this is happening in google chrome and IE 8 , firefox appears to be ok …

Thanks for purchasing this item. I think the following link should solve your problem:

Awesome thank you so much!

Sorry for my silly question… But because I like really really much this menu, I want to know if I can use it on Cs-cart 2.4 Thank you in advance

This item is a simple html/css template and is not ready to use in any CMS . In order to use this item in Cs-Cart you need huge customization of this template. Preferably a professional developer with expertise in Cs-Cart could help you in this matter.

This product is fore people who can already write this code themselves. If you have no coding experience, anything you pay for this will be wasted $$$. This fact should be prominently explained in the marketing materials

Sorry for your disappointment. This item is a HTML /CSS template and not a plugin. So if you want to use it as it was then obviously you have to know how to edit the html. Or If you want to change the look then you need to customize the CSS files. All information and suggestions regarding that have been included in the instructions.html. This is obvious with any HTML /CSS templates available here as it is obvious if you purchase any PSD file you need to know how to open and customize .PSD files as per your need.

If you are facing any problem in customizing this template then please contact us via our profile contact form so that we can do our best to help you depending upon the complexity of your customization.

Regarding your response, I currently use a fair amount of flashxml product on my web site which is structured similarly to yours. However, they offer instructions on WHERE to place the code and some pointers on which sections need to be changed with customization. You explained none of that, which makes your product useless to me. Again, your marketing materials did not present this fact and no refund has been offered.

“FLash/XML” and “html/CSS” are not similar. And their customization procedure cannot be similar and therefore their instructions are not comparable.

As you have purchased a mega nav bar, it is obvious that you’ll use it as your website’s navigation bar and place the provided html at the desired position of your website. In the instructions.html under section ‘D’ we have clearly mentioned where to place the CSS files. If you have gone through the instructions.html and all the comments we have made throughout the html and css files, you could customize it easily with some basic knowledge of html / CSS .

Otherwise you could easily contact us to know how to set up the html and CSS files as we are always here to help. We would be glad to help all customers. But unfortunately you have never contacted us for any help. Anyways, if you are so disappointed and lost all hopes, then you can always contact Envato support and claim your refund. We have no problem with that.

Hi, I love my purchase of this.

One question hope you can help with. I’m trying to load a gravity forms short code into the contact drop down, replacing your <form> html with the shortcode or php with [gravity_form(1)] doesn’t show up and the <?php gravityform code…?> displays it outside of the menu.


Thanks for purchasing this template. First of all I would like to know how did you incorporate this HTML /CSS template into WordPress? You might have converted this into a custom PHP template file. If it is so then you need to create a custom widget area in the contact dropdown section and you can insert the gravity form’s built in form widget there.

Thank you. I have looked into your suggestion.

Another problem I need help with is the drop down menu is being hidden behind a slider on the homepage.

How do I make the Mega Menu appear on top of any other feature?

Sorry I have no site link to give as I am developing offline.

It is difficult to say without viewing your code. If your html code block is somewhat like below:

  <div class="wrap">
    <div class="header">
       <div class="megamenu">
    <div class="rest-of-the-body-content">
    <div class="footer">

then apply some z-index value (e.g., 1 ) to and then apply a higher z-index value (e.g., 2) to div.header. It might solve your problem.

If you still have this problem then please contact us using our conatct form with the basic code structure of your homepage. We’ll be out of town for 10 days. But, we’ll reply as soon as we are back.

Thank you so much! It worked! Your support is second to none! Hope you enjoy the 10 days break

Hi, I purchase and really like the menu, however I have a question. it works great with a mouse but on a touch screen like on a tablet PC or Phone the menu appears then the mouseover instantly makes it disappear as you remove your finger.

This is how it is supposed to work but is there a way I can modify so the specific menu staus open when you click the main button, i.e. disable the close if the button is clicked but allow close if not.

Thank you in advance



Thanks for purchasing. In order to make it work the way you want you need to use JS. Since this item is a “html/css3 only” version, you cannot avail this clicking feature in it right now. However we are yet to release the versions of this item for other devices like tablet / iphone etc.

Is it possible for a newbie to replace the search box in the nav bar an replace it with a regular menu-item? Best regards, Marcus

Thanks for your interest. Yes, it can be done easily. Just delete the portion:

      <li class="searchbox-dd"> ... </li>
and replace it with your menu item:
      <li> Your Menu Item </li>
And that’s it :). If you face any trouble while doing this then please contact us using our profile contact form.

Love this nav bar! Needing a little help installing I emailed you directly thru profile. Noticed you have a amazing pricing table buying that next! Thanks in advance


Thanks for purchasing. We received your e-mail. We’ll contact you asap.

Had a few issues (all on my end) and they provided AMAZING support. This nav bar is amazing and honestly worth much more than what they are charging for it. I have made many purchases on Envato and this is by far the best purchase I have made. HIGHLY recommend!

Thanks a lot :)

Is it possible to make a multi-level flyout but have the sub items be positioned at the top like the single level flyouts?

Yes, it is possible, but for that you need to edit the CSS files. Look for the CSS code for any of the single level flyout menus and see how it is positioned relative to its parent. Apply similar principle for the multilevel flyout menus.

If you face any problem please contact us via our profile contact form.

Very nice menu but I have a quick question. How do I add a regular one column drop down of links to any of the samples? I need to have a navigation with 5 main links, 4 of them with fly out menus and one with just links.


Thanks for purchasing our item. As far as your query goes we already have included one regular one-column drop-down menu with links under the “1 Col” main menu in the templates. Three of the templates under each category have fly-out menus in “1 Col” drop-down menu while “basic template-without fly-out” does not contain any fly-out menu in the “1 Col” drop-down menu. So if this is what you were looking for, you can easily use the codes included in those templates as per your requirements.

If your query was something different or you have any problem regarding the installation of this template then you can always contact us via our profile contact form with details about your requirements and if possible a mock-up image so that we can help you with our best effort.

Is it possible to make one top-level menu item visible by default. In your customized template samples we would like to make

1 Col > all dd-menu in 1 Col

visible by default and keep level2 menus hidden.

Regards Bob

ok. How can we do it?

Send us an e-mail via our profile page. We’ll send you the edited CSS.

Excellent support. Thank you.

Do you have a responsive or live version of this to see? I am trying to make a navigation similar to or Would this work?

1. As it is a html/css template we didn’t provide any live version for obvious reason. 2. When we uploaded this template it was not responsive and the updated responsive version is not ready yet. 3. Although navigation bars in your examples are not similar to our template, however with customization (which will be huge) it can meet your requirements.