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Looks awesome ! Good lucks for sales :)

Looks so good, is this IE9 + or just IE9 ?

IE9 , Firefox 4, Safari 5, Opera, Chrome

Look nice… Can you implement autoplay ?

It is just CSS , I think i can’t implement the autoplay. Autoplay works autoplay with jquery

Great CSS slider.. Could someone help me fix an issue I’m having, when a next slide is clicked, the windows scroll bar moves. How do I disable this feature so when the next slider is clicked the page doesn’t position itself. Cheers

Hi! Amazing slideshow in CSS :)

For autoplay in jQuery, would you have an idea to integrate a jQuery slideshow in autoplay?


Can you have more than 5 items like 30 or does it show 1-5 then 6-10 etc?

This one is easily customizable and works smoothly but the tabs below the slider work via a # tag… so if you have it part way down the page the browser will “jump” and scroll the slider to the top. Is there a way to override this? Like your with the “back button disabled” version. <—love these!

Any luck with the above question? I’m having the same problem.

Hi, Unfortunately, this slider was designed to be placed on a single page, i dont know if it works, u can try with some javascript “return false”.

I need help to incorporate this into my site, please

scratching my head here as it specifically states 2 types of sliders as the images also imply yet the download package contains only the slider shown within the first image??

i see this is nothing but a scam in order to trick buyers into purchasing well fuck you scammer
sick and tired of being fasely lead to believe something is being purchased which is not
your total failure to even acknowledge the comment in the past 16 days states clearly you KNOW what your doing giving one slider yet advertising the two

Elegant and Minimal Slideshow made using CSS3 . Change image with one click! NO :hover effect, just click to change image. 2 Different Slideshow Style 4 Colors 5 images at a time
now read the following

Creating a false or misleading impression

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For example, businesses cannot make false claims about:

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