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Too bad it still needs javascript to function. Seems like this should be in the javascript section, if it uses javascript.

Was hoping it was purely CSS.

Hello Gutspiller it doesn’t need ANY javascript to function it uses purely CSS3. You can check out the demo No javascript AT ALL Thanks for your interest though

Gutspiller – To be a little more clearer the IE8 Fallback also works with CSS not javascript – Instead of clicking the title to reveal the accordion content it uses the CSS :hover – so there’s no javascript used here!


this website sale licence free of cost your CSS3 Accordion and Toggle Widget Kit-


Thanks for your concern, that happens all the time – the reason i put up a live demo is to enable my clients to view what they are purchasing and make the right decisions. I understand that people will always take advantage of that and copy the code and toy around with it – so my selling here depends on the trust of my buyers not scums! They alone understand the true value and benefits that come with purchasing a product..


Hello when i add your accordion to my website there is a radio on top of the accordion menu…do you know how i can get this off of my site. www.raphanatural.com

oh thank you …now this info will be in the css file in my filemanager?

ok so where do I put this exactly…dopt-accordion input{ display: none!important; } dopt-accordion span.jq-radio{ display: none!important; opacity:0!important; }

I have noticed you have changed some files and the accordion no longer works, please first leave the files as they were

Place the two lines in your accordion stylesheet, from your file structure your accordion css is located in – catalog/view/theme/precise/css/acc/ both css rules start with a dot / period (.), just copy them as they are below and paste them in the accordion file under the acc folder

.dopt-accordion input{ display: none!important; } .dopt-accordion span.jq-radio{ display: none!important; opacity:0!important; }

If you fail to configure it, let me know so that i can help you do it. NB – Thant may involve sending me logins to your cpanel (file manager) – strictly on my PERSONAL EMAIL here – http://codecanyon.net/user/elflaire – don’t publish your server details in these comments please!


hi there! very cool kit – just a pre sale question.

How easy would it be for me to customise the CSS headings/text, to fit in with a site? Something a little more flat colour & smaller text/elegant.

I do like your functionality, but, its very modern looking, and some of my projects are a little more conservative.

many thanks, Justin

Hi Justin, its very easy to customize, actually when you buy i can gladly do the customization for you.


Isn´t this a wordpress plugin? Can not install the plugin thru wordpress or ftp upload. I there something I missed?

Hello Leffe11, this isn’t a Wordpress plugin, its a CSS3 + HTML KIT, if you want to use it in a wordpress environment you will have to include the appropriate CSS files and setup the HTML accordingly, Let me know if you need help with the setting up, will be glad to help.

If possible send me an email via my profile page.


Ok, I found another plugin to my site. Thank´s anyway for the help. :)

Anytime Regards

Hi, Would it be possible to put two columns of data into a section and have it shrink to one column for mobile devices? I’m wanting this functionality for a settings panel on a site grouped into sections.

Thanks, Dan

Yes Dan its possible to have that functionality setup, actually any grid is possible inside the content sections.


Hi, There seems to be a bug with the triangles going crazy after you’ve opened and closed a couple of different options. This happens in your examples so its not my code messing with it. for example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xo85d8tixcm04um/accordion.JPG in the file – 2-new-themes-animations.html I’m on the latest stable chrome (32.0.1700.107)

I just saw that I should have done this via the support page, sorry.

Hi dmattingley, Let me look into it Thanks

the triangles use css3 pseudo elements and unfortunately most webkit browsers go crazy while animating these ones. Send me an email via my profile contact for a solution.

Hello I am looking for a plugin that can do this http://burnitfitness.com/6-week-bootcamp/ its just a simple image with just a drop down – can this plugin do this?

Hi Burnitfitness, i believe it is possible with this script with a few modifications – HOWEVER, if you are looking for a Wordpress plugin, this isn’t one – this is purely CSS and HTML plugin, so you may have to configure it manually with Wordpress.


Hello elflaire-

I like the look of these toggles. However, I’m working on a site whose theme doesn’t automatically execute toggles in html (the shortcodes display on the site). So I’m not sure your kit will work for me since it doesn’t have javascript or other code to make the theme recognize toggle shortcodes.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Hi Maldemer The kit uses plain CSS and HTML, if you know how to manually set it up in wordpress, i believe it should work.

Does your theme support custom CSS?

Hello thanks for the great kit! I have a quick question about the open and close function of the accordion. Im still trying to figure out how to set it to default position closed but as well I would like the content to open when toggled up instead of down. How can I accomplish this? I am using this as a toggle for footer content on a website however when it is in the closed state it opens downward with the content going below the bottom of the browser which makes it necessary to scroll down to view. I would like it to open up or push content up into view. Your thoughts? Thanks again for your help and the awesome content!


Hi Dave thanks for the purchase,

To have an accordion closed just remove the corresponding input checked state it will close all.

For the upward opening i believe you will have to make content a positioning absolute then bottom position to zero (0);

Let me know if that helps.


Awesome thanks for your help. What you mentioned did work with some minor adjustments. Because of the layout of my site and position of various elements – I had to change the positioning of one of the divs that the accordion was nested inside of. Took playing around with it a little bit to figure out the exact steps to make it work but the starting block was to modify the position as you said. To make it sit right though I had to modify one of the outer divs to position relative so that everything would line up correctly. Now Im trying to figure out how to make the content above the accordion move up instead of staying fixed and being covered by the opened accordion content. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks for your help and outstanding Support!

Oh yeah, one more question. What would be the best way to have the inside text of the panel title be individually clickable instead of the whole title bar? I guess what Id like to do is turn it into a menu of sorts with one item (text link) that toggles open the accordion. Thanks again for the awesome kit and support.


Hi Dave,

If i take a look at what you want to achieve or explain it further i could fix a solution for you.



First – thanks again for the awesome kit. So far it has fit my needs and with your help I have been able to modify it to work exactly as I need with one exception….

Is it possible to toggle from an external URL link? For example: I want to have the toggle panel as a menu item in my navigation that when clicked will activate the toggle function of the panel. I am almost where I need to be. I look forward to your reply and thanks again for all of your help!


No problem

I sent you the link in a private message through your user profile page a couple days ago….Im just checking to make sure you got it?

I will work on it thanks.

Hi I just bought this and was wondering can you still have the toggle animate even if its auto height, seems like it does not was in like it did when I add the auto height to it. Could you shed some light on this please.

Ok I saw the demo if you look down at the feature fixed-height demo, I want my animation to do that but when I use in auto-height it loses that animation.

Im sorry let me be more clear when you click on the word feature and it eases the page up on the fixed-heaight demo thats the animation I want on my auto height toggle it simply opens and closes no ease in or out

Hi, that animation is not possible with autoheight – You can only use the Images + Text animation on the Auto Height demo.


hi i am a new user of wp 4.1 how works this plugin. i dont can open with opload to my dashboard. any helps

best regards

Hi Bert,

This is not a direct WordPress plugin but you can include it in WordPress manually. If you can’t do that send me an email via my profile i will give you instructions directly by email.


Fantastic :)

Thanks VelvetNico

Thank you

When I click on an open title panel it doesn’t close. Do you know what could be causing this?

Hello hannaford

Please Use a checkbox version instead of a radio version

Please stop ignoring my support mails. I’m still waiting for help. I have emailed the FTP data as desired!

Sorry was away let me attend to your email tonight

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