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Hey, nice work :) Are they animated?

Hey there, thank you for the kind feedback! Unfortunately, they’re not animated – what a great idea though! I may add it in an update! Cheers

Thank you kindly :-D

Actually these are pretty good, good luck with sales !

Thank you kindly :-)

Very nice!

Thanks heaps! :-) Love your work too, btw

These are really nice!

I will be getting these later on :)

Good luck with sales! :D

:-D Thanks so much, the feedback is appreciated

Really nice work @MultiLeadia. I purchased it instantly! Something so great and inexpensive, how could I not? ;)

Good luck with sales and I hope to see more great things from you in the future! :)

You popped my envato cherry, I shall not soon forget you ;) Cheers for the very kind feedback, and for your purchase(my first ever sale here on an envato marketplace)! Best, Lea :)


Glad to take part!

Nice Job! How many icons does it come with? Are they customizable?

Thank you kindly for your feedback :) It comes with 10 customized icons, and if you have a little Photoshop experience, then it is quite easy to make new ones following the example I have set in the layered PSD file included in the package. I have used an icon set called Pyconic(Free version) which has a around 400 icons you can use to create new icons for notifications. You could also customize it further by adding new colour themes, if you have some CSS experience(speaking generally for anyone who might have the same question). Best, Lea :-)

Please provide a live preview, thanks.

Hi there, thanks for viewing my product. I intend to create a video preview if that is what you mean? An actual “live preview”, where you would have access to source may subject the work to piracy – but I will definitely upload a video preview(with shots in different browsers, etc) very shortly. Best, Lea.

Don’t provide live preview, as it’s easier for people to crawl the code, especially when they are mainly CSS3 :)

Either way, I’m buying these later!

Oh for sure, definitely won’t be providing a “live preview”, but likely a video one, which would definitely suffice I think :) Thanks for the heads up, and for checking out my work! Best, Lea :)

This is pretty awesome, especially for a first item!

- Super easy setup - Very thorough documentation included - Working demo included

Bought it again to be supportive. Good work!

Your kindness is very endearing, you’ve made me quite speechless(a rare moment, I assure you). I really appreciate the support, and the really positive review. You have my most sincere gratitude. Best, Lea :-D

Fantastic Work indeed :)

Thank you for the kind feedback :). Best, Lea

Kept to me saying that I’d get these later!

Amazing quality, especially for $2?!

I wish you luck with future sales! :)

Haha, You certainly did, and thank you kindly! All the best, Lea


What about ie6+?

Hi there, Unfortunately IE6 isn’t supported at this time. I will update the package later to be more IE friendly. Thanks for your interest. Best, Lea

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales