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Why didnt you do it as an unordered list

I don’t think it makes much difference!

How hard would this be to integrate with joomla?

I’ve never used Joomla, myself. But, if it has a pagination function (I guess it does), all you’ll need to do is add the appropriate styles for each class. I’ll be glad to help. Thanks :)


when i activate it i get this :

The plugin does not have a valid header.



Sorry but as listed this is a mere CSS file. What were you trying to do?

great work!

Thank you! :)

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Bookmarked for future. :)

Thank you! Hope you’ll find it of use soon ;)

No Chrome support yet?


It’s supported on Chrome since day 1.

Is there anyway to center the pagination within a page? Can’t seem to figure that one out.


Can I have a look at your markup? :)

Hi, do we have to include the xml language file? your script looks great done, just the installation instructions are missing.

How do you install this? I have tried uploading a lot of things but nothing has worked.

This is a HTML+CSS version. How have you tried “installing” it?

Oh thats what I did. How do I upload it or whatever.

I do not understand the PHP programming language, but a little understanding of HTML. If I buy this product, I can put on my website http://pratinjaukatalogbukunasional.com? I wait for the answer.

Very good work!

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