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Nice chat! It would be very good if you provide a live preview.

Thanks for the comment. Appreciate that.

Actually, it is just a single CSS file. The problem is that source code is exposed in live preview. I don’t want to get into piracy issues. BTW, how about video preview? I can upload one. CSS Chat is replica of one found on Facebook.

Shame you didn’t go one step more and make it a working chat client, this would of been something I would of paid for, but keep it up.

And where do I find this group? as I am looking for a chat tool that will run OK on cheap hosts cheap VPS but still cheap lol and needs to be php 5.3 not 5.4 like many are limiting us to these days :)

You can join the group.

I am working on the chat app. I will figure out the server requirements later. The core functionality will be done in few days but I think making docs and fancying things may take weeks. I have already made a simple login system and worked on showing the users (the online functionality as well). Just working on dynamic behaviour of chat tabs right now.

Also remember to to have the option to use already created user tables most users that will download this will already have a website :) just a heads up

Hi, I just bought your CSS file. I haven’t got a chance to test it out yet but I do like the design. I am wondering if you have a similar CSS file for video conference room or a plan to develop it?

Thanks for purchasing :D The only purchaser, btw.

Answer to the question: Well, I don’t have such CSS file and haven’t planned to develop such thing BUT can I ask you to show me a sample? I would like to develop one if it could be widely applicable. I am currently developing a chat app on the same CSS Layout (Not a video conference type thing to be exact).

Plus, try it out. Do comment about your impressions. If you like it then try hitting the 5 star rate button lol. You can also join my group :D

Hi, LosVeteran, can you shoot me an email at dejiao.li@webrte.com so that I can send you a sample of the layout I am looking for?


We buy this product. First of all, Thanks for your good works.

I have question. When we add this css to our page, our page’s right column becomes not clickable. How can i fix this? Thanks

Thanks for purchasing.

That can happen if pointer-events property is not set to none on the main container. I think there is some collision of your page’s styles with the one the chat layout comes with. Can you post the relevant code? I will definitely look into it.

Relevant Code: Your page’s right column’s markup and the chat markup you just added.

tahts not the best. in the documentation you talkb about different ids and classes as in your css file. dafuq

Thanks for your feedback. It is much appreciated.

Edit: Did you mean that ids and classes explained in docs are different than in CSS?

Sorry for that. I just verified it. There is some problem in the documentation. Did you work around it? I had updated the layout; I must have forgot to update the docs. In a few days; I am going to release a newer version of CSS Chat Layout. I will make sure it does not happen again.

can you please explain how to add chat layout in website…thank you

Thanks for purchasing.

Do you want to add the layout in WordPress? Well, I am not familiar with WordPress and CSS Chat Layout was not intended to work on WordPress but it should work everywhere: It is just a HTML/CSS combo.

Try manually editing your theme: Add HTML to footer.inc.php and also add CSS to your theme’s CSS. See if it works.

Feel free to ask more questions.

don’t know to install it in my site. :)

can you build this chat app in may subdomain?

Thanks for purchasing.

If you are concerned about setting up the layout on your website: You should try reading the documentation. You need to add the HTML as explained in the documentation and then include the stylesheet namely chat.css.

BTW, It is not an App. It is just the layout so, you can develop a chat App on it.

If you still find yourself struggling; join this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/774121872687091/ I will be there to help you.

Thanks for the feedback! Appreciated :)

Hi, is it possible to get only the chat window? I try already to delete the user list LI tags, but then the layout is destroyed. I just need the chat window to build an fake chat ad tool.

Btw: Happy New Year ;)

Happy New Year!

Just remove .sidebar class if it is on the main element. Then remove the li#user-tab element. You will be good to go.

I will recommend using an image if you want to make fake ad.

Regards, LV

Thanks – works fine ;)

I want a little bit more “action” ... so I will add a “conversation” with PHP … Just an image is boring ;)

Thanks for purchasing. Don’t forget to rate. BTW, it’s your thing. If you don’t wanna use image then, don’t ;)

if i will buy it can you help me to install it on my website?


From the support section of item:

“However, item support does not include: Customization services Installation services”

chat is responsive?

Unfortunately, no. Didn’t think of any design for smaller websites. But, it was tried to be as much fancy it could be.

Hi! In Google Chrome (53.0.2785.116 (64-bit)) – file “demo.html” doesn’t work! Page loaded indefinitely, but does not open. Please, fix this bug.

It worked perfectly when I opened it. Here is the screenshot (you can see the version): http://imgur.com/kv8dj7K

If you’re serving the page with local server, make sure it is configured correctly. As far as I know, html files don’t have any issues loading. Try it in another browser. Try loading other pages in your Chrome version. See if they works. If they don’t then, it’s Chrome’s bug.

Sorry for late reply. I couldn’t find time to open my email.

Scroll bar on chat window is not aligning correctly (i.e. to the right side). Is there any way to fix that ? you can view the screen shot here on docs.google.com https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lPFJdHqnaXKlYx0HXplytmt74Ocv9oGAgdB4Sehav8E/edit?usp=sharing


any luck ?

@LostVeteran any luck ?

Can we have a TeamViewer session sometime so, I could inspect why it’s causing problem? Add me on Skype: facebook:lostveteran15