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In Visual Composer, why can’t I drag elements into the CSS Animator container?

Please update your Visual Composer. CSS Animator requires at least version 3.7 in order to work properly.

When I load my page, my animations do not show up or are not working properly.

First and foremost, use your browser to check for Javascript errors. This link shows how to find these out in various browsers:

If you see Javascript errors, more importantly errors regarding waypoints, then that’s most likely causing the animations to stop working.

Next, find out where the error/s are coming from. Try switching to the default theme, or try disabling some plugins and check if the error goes away. Then consult with the developer of the theme/plugin that causes the errors.

For example, if you switch back to the default theme and you see that the animations are now working, then consult with the theme developer to fix the Javascript error.

When I load my page, my animations do not show up or are not working properly (If the above one doesn’t work).

We have added a new “Compatibility Mode” into the plugin as of version 1.6. Head over to the plugins page in your WordPress administration, and look for the CSS Animator for VC plugin in the list.

There should be a link there labeled Enable Compatibility Mode, click that.

The reason for the errors is that your theme might have modified the normal behavior of Visual Composer. Compatibility mode brings back some of the normal behavior that our plugin depends on.

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