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Love the plugin! Recommended it to a couple of people and will continue to do so. Would love to see some more subtle animations in the future, or an option to make the animations more subtle. They are very in your face, and a lot of sites are moving towards less showey animations now. Otherwise, keep up the good work! Best animation plugin out there.

Thank you for the appreciation! Subtle animations? That sounds cool. We’ll probably have a research about this one and see if we can possibly add these. But most of the time, CSS Animations is pretty much a more variety of animations coming from VC. :)

I’d get this if I could control the strength (how far forward and back it pulses for the loop) and then also add a randomized amount.

So far, what this plugin can customize is the animation delays. If you wish to check how the plugin exactly works, feel free to click on our Live Preview.

In there, we also have a Launch Demo that will create a Sandbox Backend for you to try out the features. :)

I mentioned the features that would sell me on it after I checked out the Launch Demo.

I see then. I’ll also take a note of your idea for feature ideas. :D

hi, we purchase a theme with visual composer plugin and i notice that when putting animation to a youtube video, the full screen function of the video is not fully functional. it distorts the design, only when using google chrome.

I bought this plugin but it doesn’t work on mobile .

I want a refund pls

Humm.Ok I’m certain I’m not this stupid…But I’ve spent 5 min trying to get your demo page to work in 3 browsers. And all I get is “CSS Animator for Visual Composer” and nothing…..there’s a whole blank canvas rendered. I believe you’ve build a nice CCS3 ani tool. But frankly….I’m wasted 15min of my life trying to review and purchase. Please take this as constructive insight!

Hello I see that plugin is not updated since 2014. Is it still compatible with the newer versions of VC? Also the demo link is not working.

I want to purchase the plugin, but I want to be sure it will work.


I just purchased another copy of this great plugin but cannot locate the row separators function in the VC (ultimate VC ADDONS tab) interface (listed on your page: )

Hi, I have some queries before buying which are specific to a site I am building which I cannot post here – do you have an email address or form I can send my questions to please? Thanks.

Hi, I had a pre-sale question – does this plugin have ‘out’ effects? We’re currently using VC’s built in Fade In effect which is nice, but we’d like it to fade out as well when people scroll away from the element. Thanks.

Hello, I’m very sorry for the late response. There was a problem with our notifications. With regards to your question, the CSS Animation consists of entrance animations and looping animations. If you want an exit animation instead, we suggest using Row Scroll Animation or Animatic on this one. :)

Again, we’re really sorry and we also want to let you know that we’re still here.


visaone Purchased

Hi! Was trying to send a ticket in the support page, but it doesn’t accept the purchase code. Same with activating in the Wordpress for auto updates, it doesn’t accept the purchase code. (Purchased earlier today)


visaone Purchased

There’s also no compatibility mode in the Plugins list as well.


visaone Purchased

Only worked today. Sent a ticket.

Hi there! We kindly want to let you know that we received your ticket and sent you a reply. :)

About the Auto Updates, we’re no longer using this method. The Gambit Plugins menu that is used for entering purchase code for auto updates will be removed on the next update.

Here are some good alternatives: 1. Install an Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades and activate it. Download your updated copy of plugin then reupload it to your site. This will automatically replace your current copy. Link:

2. Install and Activate Envato Market WordPress Plugin and include your Purchase Code in their settings. Link: