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Yae! I am th every first person to comment on this script. Cool dude!

So can this dropdown be used to create “Mega Menus”?

Thanks you for the nice comment. I will upload soon a Mega Menu.

I find that the submenus aren’t behaving as they should as I am having difficulties to get to them. They expand on mouse over on the top menu but when I move the mouse down to get to a submenu item the submenu dissapears Tried it in IE8 , FF3.6 and Crome 7 with the same result. It works sometimes, if I am really quick with the mouse.


Any idea how to get the gradient fill and rounded corners in IE8 ?

Hello, unfortunately, IE8 does not support the gradient and the edges rounded via css. You can create the same result by using background images.


Try css3pie: http://css3pie.com/

This maybe a simple question, but how do I center the links to the center of the menu instead of the left? Text-Align just moves the text to the center of each menu. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi, check the css line n. 16 (#nav) and adjust the padding to center the top links. I hope this is help. Thank you for purchasing my items.

It’s possible to fill the menu with the others colors?

Yes is possible via css.

I am experiencing the same issue as RoPe a year ago, namely that a lot of times the submenu disappears as soon as I move away from the root node with the mouse. I have to be really fast to get it to stay.

Hey dude I LOVE these menus!

However, I’m having one issue. I’m wondering if you can take a quick look at my pages source code and css and see why the menus looks absolutely PERFECT in firefox and chrome but doesn’t even render in ie.

Here’s the page: http://www.responsedynamite.com/txc/index.php

I’m anxious to give you 5 stars if we can get this sorted!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello, whitch version of IE are you checking out?

I figured it out.

You have to use the exact doctype and html tag in your example code.

Just rated it 5 stars.

Hi, thanks for purchasing my item.

Hi…. How can I change the text color of the main bar please? :)


Hello, find the line n. 16 in the css file. And change the background line as you prefer. Thank you for purchasing my item.