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Great plugin, anyone made this as a plugin for wordpress, or got it to work with wordpress on a “page”? I’m struggeling change it to use some other page instead of index.php as start.

Hi. No, I don’t think someone made a plug-in like this. I’ll try to make a plug-in for LoLStats and if I make it, I’ll try for CS:GO Stats too.:) You can send me more details via email about what page you want as first and what have you tried. :)

@Quiki, Maybe I could help you. You can contact me via my profile.

Hi, in a future update would you be able to add in Comparing 2 profiles or maybe showing the profiles recent screenshots would be nice I think!

I’d even pay for extra features like this if it would help fund this project!


Hi. At this moment I really busy with a big update for LoLStats, my other platform and I have some TODO scripts on my list. To make a compare system, it’s easier to use a database for statistics. At this moment, this script query right from Valve. I added your idea on my list, but I can’t promiss if it will created . :) Anyway, thank you for your kind review. Have a nice day !

Hello there! If you put a http link to players profile everything is ok. But if you put httpS link, there is an error ” Player not found !”

Please contact me using email and send me FTP (if you can and want because I can work faster) and tell me about ads space too.

Have sent you an email

Any update?

Hi. I have no time left for next 2 months… If you have an idea or you want something special, let me know. I’ll think and maybe try to implement it :)

Could you take a look at Warface and think of a version of this for it? :D

Hi. At this moment I have a lot of work to do… I’ll note this. Maybe, I’ll try it someday.

Cheers..all the best for the season!!! :)

Thank you ! Same. Happy holidays !:)

Thank you !:)

It’s not working, although I followed all your instructions. Here is my link: http://cebucity.info/csgo/

Please check documentation. Also, you need to check .htaccess to make it work on ./path/

I am sorry but you did not provided a separate instruction for .htaccess file. In the documentation, you only said: Requirements > PHP 4.x, cURL, .htaccess Rewrite and no further explanation.

Aso in your files(s) there is no .htaccess file in it… your statement “check .htaccess to make it work on ./path/ is confusing..

Can add advertising ? something like adsense ?

Yap. Feel free.

How to add it ?

Check tutorials. You have a free version. No support !:)

Can you do Fortnite?


I’m pretty busy at this moment and I have a lot of work to do with my current scripts. I’m sorry, but I can help you. I recommend you to try Envato Studio and to hire someone to make that script for you.