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Nice work, I like it! :)

Thank you so much !:)

Nice script mate.. if you could add a feature where the user can share their stats (either customizable or top 5 most important stats) to social media or as a forum signature, I’ll totally buy it. Thanks!

Hi, check new update ! I added banners and new stuff.

Hi Gaska.. thanks for the update but I do not see any banners. Also the social share isn’t working in the demo.

Yes, it’s true. I think i forget to change Demo URL. I modified !

What a nice work bro , I’ve bought it :D

Thank you so much ! I appreciate !

Getting an error message with your demo page: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$games in /home/u264838266/public_html/userinfo.php on line 157

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/u264838266/public_html/userinfo.php on line 157

Also it says: This user doesn’t have Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive ! and she does…

Hi. Thank you for support. Can you tell me her steamID or customURL ? Did she played CSGO until now ? She has CS:GO from Sharing Family features ? Give me more details to fix this ! Thank you for patience !


Now I see on your demo page that is tonvis of player who is on the reg on the page? Are they there too if you buy this thema with you or should one simple way throwing them into

@Gaska96 Will you be designing one for Dota2 in near future ?

HI. Hmm. I thought , but i can’t coding right now because i have 2 projects under development… Anyway, check Follow me (IF you want, of course). Maybe i will try something until the end of the year . Cheers !

Any news for a Dota version :)

Unfortunately, my time is limited. Maybe in future :)

How to edit the footer ?

nvm I can edit it now :D http://stats.1hp-gaming.com/

Can you make the avatar of players bigger ? It way too small . Also , pls add K/D rate on the banner. It’s good.

And more stats on new competitive maps like : de_overpass de_mirage de_cache de_season

Firstly , i’m sorry because i haven’t seen this comment… I already thinking to another design so stay tunned because i have to finish a project first, then redesign. Unfortunately, i can’t add these maps because Valve doesn’t show any data for mirage / cache /etc. :)

When I try to search for a player it says : The requested URL /userinfo.php was not found on this server.

Also, the index looks like this http://prntscr.com/9h8bl8

What seems to be the problem ? cURL is enabled in my wamp server .

I’ve managed to fix it by adding the corect filepath to the .htaccess file . Great script :)

I’m glad to hear that ! Have a nice day !:)

p.s: you forgot to edit banners rewrite link :)

cURL is active ?

yeah cURL active

Something in error_logs ? Give me more informations !

Nice work!! Good luck!

Thank you !

Where is the different to the other csgo stats script?


This is first version of this concept, it has a lot of useless code and a poor design. The other one is newer and works better.