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how can we disable the sidebar mod? just want the regualr sidebar

Hi piglabs,

On which page do you want to disable the sidebar?

Quite beautiful. Ill be back to buy.

Tanx Xitude!! Appreciate! If you’d be so kind to give it a rating.

Any news on this becoming Sass. I’d buy it.

Really nice job !! It could be awesome if you can add some stuffs, like prices table or/and picture preview.

Anyways, if you are a customer looking for this item, you can go, this is really worth it

Hi Unfordable, to fix the tooltip, just replace the whole TOOLTIP section in APP.JS with the following: /* ================================= === TOOLTIPS ==== =================================== */

(function($, window, document){ $(function(){ $(‘[data-toggle=”tooltip”]’).tooltip({ }); }); }(jQuery, window, document));

Thank you. Now, I got another issue with tooltip.

Please, check Click on a “i want this” at the bottom. Then click “back to script list”. Then click again on a script, the one you want. A white & blank tooltip will appear few seconds. How can I remove it ?

Have you planned an update to bootstrap 3.3 ?

Thank you

Okay, I did it on my side, using this code.

$(‘[data-toggle=”popover”]’).popover(); $(‘body’).on(‘click’, function (e) { $(‘[data-toggle=”popover”]’).each(function () { if (!$(this).is( && $(this).has( === 0 && $(’.popover’).has( === 0) { $(this).popover(‘hide’); } }); });

got a changelog what changed?

Meant to put that up. Sorry. I added: 1. Swipebox (lightbox) for images. (/vendor/swipebox/) 2. Pricing Plan 3. Fixed the Tooltips 4. Inside Less Folder added (swipebox.less & pricing.less)

Hope it helps!

No select form options in the theme need to have this added to even think of purchasing

Will ad a select form to it. Can you give me an example?

still new to bootstrap, is there no drop down for forms in this kit? (Select form option)

You can just add it in your code, should work exactly like the rest. Ex. <select class=”form-control”> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> <option>3</option> <option>4</option> <option>5</option> </select>

that works, thank you very much!

Have another question. On the demo under “IMAGES From Headings to general layout” There are two panels with a heading and 2 buttons. I am trying to get 4 across instead of 2. Any idea how this can be done?

Here we go:

Hahaha… doesn’t support HTML.. I will mail you instead