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Will there be an Android version? Thanks.

Hi. at the moment it’s not planned, but i might do android ports in the future or by request.

Hey – is this a a clone/re-make of a popular game?

The concept of collect them all is quite common, visual aesthetics are inspired by some of the popular games.

Looks good! Do you have a version in the app store I can look at?

Hi, thank you for your interest you can view live version here

Hint: To prevent crashes (‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘Resource sound.mp3 can not be loaded’ iOS Sprite Kit) you should initialise sounds like: let soundAction = SKAction.playSoundFileNamed(soundName, waitForCompletion: false) and then call: runAction(soundAction)

Hi, thanks for reporting this, just downloaded my item to make sure, there are no errors and i can’t find the code you are talking about. there are 2 methods i’m working with SKAction.playSoundFileNamed one is playCollectSound second one playGameOverSound both take string defined in Config.swift file. Here is the sceenshot Can you please clarify, how did you get this error? Thank you.

Well, this is a known issue, but Apple just left it at that : )

Take a look: or

To get this error you need to play the game as long, as possible. In other words it happens when you trying to load and play the sound file too often.

interesting, but i could not replicate, neither on the simulator and device, bet in general reuse of action seems reasonable.

Very nice, GLWS!

Thank you