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This looks very promising. Awesome stuff, good luck with sales!

Nice work!

Thank you guys

Very nice but images load very slow. Any way to make it load after?


I know that the loading times can be longer. Its because the demo images are too big, around 600 – 800kb each. I try to optimize them.

I also think that the blur effect itself is pretty fast. Maybe if you view some the photos then refresh your browser it would be faster because the images would be cached by the browser.

It can also be slower if you are far away from my server, maybe another continent. When the distance is longer it may take a while to download the images.

For me, the images will load in about 1 second.

Im also checking some new technics to do the blur effect. Will check the new WebGL or maybe PHP . But then it would not be just pure javascript solution.

Can we have different url’s for each picture?

Yes you can

Nice Job -

Does Full URL work? I am trying to grab vimeo images – which is remote and it looks like its not grabbing the images.

<div class="crystal-photo"> <div class="crystal-image" title="" /> <div class="crystal-desc crystal-align-top-center crystal-desc-width-270"> <p><?php echo $videoListing['Amedia']['title'] ?></p> </div> <a title="Crystal gallery" class="crystal-link" href="<?php echo $videoListing['Amedia']['media_code'] ?>" target="_blank"></a> </div>

When I’m using local path, the images are fetch successfully, but when using the remote URL it doesn’t, I need to get images from remote server. Can you let me know how to do this.

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

External URL images should work. The flickr feed gallery work with full URL images.

The gallery automatically downloads the images using PHP server to local folder. You can find more details in the documentation

This gallery support Video?

tell me when you do the update! I will Buy the gallery immediately with my friend if support video !!! ;) Thank U

You do the update?

not now sorry. i dont have too much time for it

This gallery is used with

adamantium…sample files does not work??

sory local does not working :)

hi. there is an explanation in the documentation why the gallery is not working on localhost. its because the same origin policy. HTML 5 cant process images on localhost because the browser thinks it is from another domain

hi guys, i love this script, unfortunately it doesnt seem to work with jquery 1.9> in case i’m right, i’d be happy if you could update it! :) thanks!

Hi, thank you for purchase.

The jQuery has made some significant changes in version 1.9 so the older functions does not work. According to documentation you should use the jQuery migrate plugin to make older plugins to work with new jquery.

Here are some more information

Currently I just have too much work to upgrade this plugin for new jquery. But I added this task to my GDT and will definetly look after it in future.

Just now you need to use the jquery migrate plugin.

Hope this helps

thanks for your anwer. i know it’s a hard task upgrading it – nevertheless, it’s a great plugin and worth each cent :) thanks

HI test it online by ie8 (crystal-fullscreen)

It doesn’t show “Thumbnail navigation” and show error: why? thank you

??: Script error ?: 0 ??: 0 ??: 0 URI:

Hi. I just tested it in IE8 and it works fine on my computer. Im using IE9 debuging tool to emulate IE8 behaviour. I dont have any other tools to test IE8 my system dont let me install older browser

test it ( ie 9 and ie10 ) like as: D:\codecanyon-2906390-crystal-gallery-jquery-gallery-with-blur-effect\crystal-gallery\examples\fullwidth.html It runs well. But test it with no internet. It doesn’t work.

I want to use the example ( fullwidth.html ) with no internet. Could you tell me how to change? And how to add category in the fullwidth.html? I want to change social media (like link and icon )in the example ( fullwidth.html ). Which file I need to change? thanks!


Hi. It is possible that jQuery is not loading without internet connection. By default it is loaded from google CDN.

You can download jQuery to your computer and load it from your hard disc. Read more about it in the doucmentation in section 3.2 Loading jQuery

I down it and now the fullwidth.html can work with no internet.thanks

test it ( ie10 ) like as:
It doesn’t work. I have emailed screen video to you.Thanks.

I repplied to your email

online:fullwidth.html runs well Use the ie10.

and the fullscreen.html online: it doesn’t work.

I have emailed screen video to you.


no sorry I can not confirm your problem. It’s working on IE10 on all computers I tested it


Absolutely wonderful! Any plan for a WordPress plugin version? You would make a lot of money, for sure, cause there’s no equivalent on the market!

Best regards,

Thank you for your kind words. I plan to do a wordpress plugin of this but has no specific eta on that

Hi, Is it possible to make flickr photos fill the frame? (100% width with variable cropped height?) Great gallery though. Thanks.

Hi. Thank you for buying crystal gallery. Sorry that I answering so late but I have some problems with my computer at home.

For your question:

Yes it is possible. Just add crystal-scale-stretch-center class to crystal-category div when you setting up your Flickr category.

Have a nice day

Several questions prior to purchase…

  1. Is it possible to have the thumbnail strip on top of the display image?
  2. Is it possible to have thumbnail numbers (1/20, 2/20 … 20/20)?
  3. Can this script load images from a folder on the web server, or a specific Flickr / 500px album/set, based on a variable (retrieved from database via PHP)?
  4. Is it compatible with touch devices & does it support multi-touch?
  5. Will the users be able to share/pin a specific image from within a gallery?

Hello. Thank you for your interest in my plugin.

Here are the answers:

  1. Yes this can be set by an option (top, bottom, left, right)
  2. No this is not possible sorry
  3. This script can not load automatically images from server. It is just a javascript plugin. But it can load images from a Flicker photo set. But not 500px album/set. You can however create your own server side script to provide images from other sources
  4. Yes this plugin is responsive and also tested on iphones, ipads, android mobile devices. But I dont know about multitouch. What should a multitouch event do?
  5. No sorry you cant share specific photo. The social media links that are in sidebar do not change for each photo
  6. Have a nice day

Is it possible to download a demo? We’re trying to see if this will work in our CMS system before we purchase.

Thanks, Jeff

Hello. Unofrtunatelly you can not download a demo. But you can have a look on the demo page source code and if your CMS can generate the same HTML markup for gallery it will work.

Have a nice day

any chance a jQuery v.2 coming anytime soon?

Ive got this planed for long now but there is not an estimate. The item doesnt sell as expected so I didnt update it for long. I may be update it when I decide to create a wordpress plugin out of it but I dont want to promise you anything.

Have a nice day

Hi and thank you for your support.

I would like to know if the Gallery, once installed on the website, will automatically import pictures from Flickr ? Or will I have to add them manually each time I add new pictures to Flickr?

Thank you and best regards.

You can set the flickr set URL and the gallery will automatically pull down images that are in this set

If I want to use this for a vertical kiosk will I be able to customize the size to fit that? Basically it will be 1080×1920 vertical. Thanks!

Hi piperjeff. Yes the gallery is fully responsive and can fit your dimensions.

I see someone asked about jQuery 2 … is this still in the works?

Hello. Not sorry this product is not updated anymore.