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support PHP 7 ?

Yes, I have tested the script with PHP7.0 and everything worked fine, hence PHP7.0 is supported.

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How do I integrate Google Adsense into the framework?

Do you have any plan for bigger size file? How about add purchase feature. Purchasing upgrade then user can upload bigger size. If it can to that, I’ll purchase right away.

The script itself does support large file sizes. The problem is usually that servers (resp. your shared hosting space) are not powerful enough to encrypt huge files. You can increase the maximum upload file size at any time in the script. However technically your maximum upload size depends on:
  • Your available memory and PHP’s memory limit
  • Your upload limit
  • Your maximum post size
Technically a server with 32 GB memory and a powerful processor can handle file sizes up to 32 GB. The problem about big files is that it usually takes a long time and multiple big file requests at the same time might slowdown your server.

I’ll definitely think about your mentioned purchasing upgrade!

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FEATURE REQUEST: I would second the request for the upgrade purchase feature request made by Heeya. It’s an excellent idea! We need to see this in the next update!

UPDATE: I would recommend adding an additional index.html file to each directory to ensure no access to directories from manual searching and then combining this with an updated norobots request on those appropriate folders.

UPDATE: When will this be getting an update?

I was interested but the demo seems to give an error when trying to decrypt the file!

Hi, I just bought the source code and when I tried to install it I got the following error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘m’ (T_STRING) in /home/mydomain/public_html/ on line 38

What I’ve done : I copied all the content of the upload folder to my server The install page was ok, I saved the config and when I wanted to go to I got that error.

should I do something differently?

Hello JalelTounsi,
First of all thank you very for purchasing the script. This error should not appear at all, seems like the inc.php file got broken somehow. Could you please send me the contents of your inc.php file to my email address –
I’ll make sure to have a look and help you out with this.


Hi do you plan to update this?

your website cudevo is down , do you host also?

i have this errors

Fatal error: Call to undefined function finfo_open() in /home/greaoxlz/ on line 25


Please contact your Hoster – they need to enable the file info extension, this will resolve the error.
If this should not work or if you need further assistance please respond to my email I have sent you regarding your support request.

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Do you update?

Hello. Does this script works with cPanel & CSF ? will it run on server with this panel and firewall configuration?

are u planning to update this and add like pay service? like the person pays a membership fee to encrypt larger files, or at least a way to add ads?

Are you planning SEO part for this ?

Hello, Is there any way to change the number/stats of the “We’ve already encrypted xxx files with a total size of xxx.xx MB” shown at the bottom? I would like to start with higher numbers please.

Ich habe das gleiche Problem wie stowhidi.

Any chance you guys are going to update this script in the future? It’s a good project, just needs a refresh to strengthen community support.