Discussion on CryptoPay WooCommerce - Cryptocurrency payment gateway plugin

Discussion on CryptoPay WooCommerce - Cryptocurrency payment gateway plugin

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When will this plugin be removed from the market? No more updates or support unless we buy NEW version of $99? I have 2 licences, meaning 2x $99 = $198 total Yearly subscription? :(

Sir, for now, many customers still find us through this plugin, so it will stay here until the end of this year but will not receive any updates, for example, the WalletConnect 2.0 integration has been upgraded but no longer works in this version. With the FIRST100 discount code, you can get a license with 50%.

The wallet you want to connect to could not be detected! – Gives error why ?

Please use support section. Here is just for comments. Also if wallet not installed in browser you will get this warning.

Hi, Will this work for EVM CHAIN CRONOS CHAIN ID 25?

Yes sir you can use any EVM based chain including Cronos. However, this version is no longer supported and will be removed from the market soon. That’s why we recommend that you get the newer version, which is more advanced. You can also use Bitcoin, Solana and Tron networks in the new version.


Support for this plugin has been terminated, so we invite you to buy a new CryptoPay.

- Buy a new CryptoPay? - What is Premium? ... I already have 2 licenses for this item?!

Sir, this plugin only supports WooCommerce and EVM-based networks. The new CryptoPay is an all in one plugin for WordPress. If you study the site, you will understand.

Where to buy premium now? Codecanyon or on your site?

Sir you need buy from our site:

It is possible to set 3 networks at the same time to can give the choice to the customers at the moment of the checkout?

Sir this is not possible in old version. Also this version is only for WooCommerce. The new CryptoPay comes with support for WooCommerce and EVM based networks as well as multi-network support. If you want, you can also receive payments from these networks by using Bitcoin, Solana, Tron plugins. You can check it from the links below.



Omchain ağı da ekleniyor mu ?

Supports EVM-based networks. If the network you are talking about is an EVM-based network, you can add it.

Does this give to put for lunc blockchain or luna classic payments? For some reason i just cant find a plugin for wordpress that accepts payments in lunc…like no where to b found…. just wondering if this works with it

No sir

The cryptocurrency payment gateway wordpress plugin can this be used for an online wallet business?

No sir, this is just payment gateway. But we developing new version. And we will develop wallet add-on for new version. To get news you can join the newsletter from .

I test the demo and I saw on Android, its not working. Only on desktop version, this plugin is working well. would you fix it in future?

Sir November, what do you mean when you are not working from mobile? We have just tested it and it is working smoothly. If you are receiving a warning that wallets are not available. This is normal. Because on mobile, for example, you need to use the browser inside the MetaMask application. Or WalletConnect this applies to all dApps.

hello sir before i purchase this plugin i have 2 questions which i need to ask,

1- are you guys taking any commission for each transaction if i use it for my woocommerce? 2-we can add only our bep20address and we will receive the payment if customer will pay either bep20 or erc20?

thanks you in advance

No commision sir. And you just add EVM address and you can get all EVL block chains

After buying this script…is it compulsory to still buy your Converter API addon? cus I plan to integrate it to a non-wocommerce site and it gets complicated with having addons.

There is one default Converter API. However, we already offer integration service. For this, our you can contact through it.

Hello, my friends. I hope you’re doing well. Thanks for your great product, CryptoPay Woocommerce. I have two questions about it. 1. Is it possible to sell NFT with it? So that customers can connect to the site using their wallets and pay for NFT products. 2. Is this plugin compatible with Dokan Multi-Vendor Plugin? I want to have some sellers on my website so that they can add their wallet addresses and sell their products using crypto to get paid on their wallets. (If not, Don’t you have any plan to make it compatible with Dokan?)

Hello sir, you cannot sell NFT with this plugin. This only allows to get paid. We currently have no plans for integration with Dokan. But we are getting special improvements. For this you can contact with the address.

Hi, I have wordpress/woocommerce site using Ultimate Affiliate Plugin so when use this for payment for buying products I also need to pay my affiliate a bonus, can i use this plugin to pay my affiliate bonus using crypto instantly?

Hello sir. Unfortunately this product is only used to sell woocommerce products. However, if you want, we can develop an add-on where they can withdraw the bonus from the Ultimate Affiliate add-on with crypto. If you want this, contact

Hi this is a pre-purchase question.

We have a custom token built on Algorand, Cardano and Stellar. Is there a way that I can add these blockchains and tokens to the plug-in?

I also would like to know if it will work with Woocommenrce Multivendor and if it is possible to take a percentage out of the transaction for a service fee?

Example, a payment of 0.005 ETH is made, and 10% of it, 0.0005 ETH will be sent to a different wallet, and the remaining balance will be sent to the vendor.

It looks super promising and this important things I need to know, thanks.

Sir, this plugin is for ethereum and evm based networks. The principle of operation of all 3 networks you mentioned is very different. If you have a serious budget, we can do custom development. For this you can contact the address.

Hello BeycanPress, can your plugin accept payment from bank cards? In various currencies?

Sir this cryptocurrency payment module

Do you have a plan to develop: 1.Payment success page: show detail and transaction? 2.Woocommerce refund compatible?


1 – There is already such a thing, sir. It shows the transaction etc on the detail page.

2 – Not for now, sir. But maybe we can add it as a module in the future. However, in order to use this feature, they have to provide the application with the private key of the wallet from which they receive payment. Because that’s the only way to auto transfer.

2- Ok, I see. Thanks you.



Does this replace the WooCommerce payment methods or is it an additional payment method?

Additional payment method


Out of curiosity, why was the the Solana version of this plugin removed? Are you going to be updating the plugin to work with SolanaPay?

Thanks FJK

Sir, it has been removed due to the name, we have sent the update, it will be active soon.

Thank you for the update.

Hello, how can I reset the website my license has been used in?

Please use support section

Yes I have used support section, please check

I can say that it is the best crypto payment module prepared for wordpress so far, it is expert in developer and very good in support, Thank you

Thank you


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