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doeTheDev does not currently provide support for this item.

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eztia7 Purchased


Are we going to hear a reply soon or not ?

don’t buy from this guy. i bought his other similar item few days ago that item is de-listed and as soon as it is de-listed from codecanyon. my website with his script installed on it get hacked and now there is no support for it. now my main website link on google is directed to CriptoMonitor/,ro and i can not do anything about it. what a shame

Be aware of this authore. His previous script CoinRank was removed from themeforest without no explanation.


When is the new updated version coming for this ?

There is no reply from you to any of the comments. Is there any problem.?

- Sumit

It says at the top that “this item is supported” and responses “can be up to 1 business day”. This is a lie! It seems people are complaining about all his other items for sale here too. I have filed for a refund and will be calling the ACC and filing a report against envato if this refund is not prompt!

I want to buy this script, but need know, script is work or not? on demo I think work, maybe some users can’t install it correctly?

Also I try to help to fix bugs, and add new function.

is the site hosted on ur end or my? and can i set up registration on my end and not to your server? also what happened at the admin panel? the color change is gone

hi can you do customization?

Will this script work with using an external cron job service? My current hosting is only allow every 15 min.

Demo page isn’t working. Please fix it to can check before buy. Thanks

Demo still not working – is this script supported? Doesn’t appear to be.

Are you still selling this script? Demo not working

Hey i want to contact with you about project, you have skype or email?

I’d like to buy a set of your virtual currency trading wallet, which has chat function, game, mall, and can connect to the exchange.

Demo no found

The MinCoin development team is available if you need help integrating this software with one of the Worlds First 10 Altcoins MNC. More information is available here:

MinCoin / MNC / $MNC #MNC #MinCoin Cryptocurrency SOCIAL Twitter: Twitter: Reddit: LinkedIn:

For this price can’t you at least have a working demo?

Demo please!

Do you think to update this items?

It’s work?