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I have a few questions.

1.Is this code plugin for wordpress?

2.Does it can set display other than dollars(eur,jpy..etc)?



That’s already been cleared up.


GLWS, quite pricey for a simple alert platform


This is great plugin!

Could you add some functions.

1. add translation files.

2. admin can change sender email address. don’t use wordpress admin email address.

3. when user selected coin, the coin’s current price is inputted automatically.

4. support comma in price. when user input by copy and paste, comma is almost included in that.($11,576.30)

5. user can delete inactive items.



thanks for your feedback!

We plan to support translations and automatically populate current coin price in future releases. We will also consider for implementation points 4 and 5.

With regards to p.2 you can change the From email by manually editing the config file config/env.json. Later we will try to add it to the settings page as well.



Thank you for your quick response.

I was able to change sender email address.

I’m counting on you to do a great job.


hey how can I make money with this email plugin?


you make money from a website, not from a plugin. Plugin is just an extra service that you offer to your clients. It can attract new clients and keep the old ones, but you have to think how your website should earn money as a whole.

Hi, before buying, can you please add the feature where the webmaster can set the crypto to only one crypto without a dropdown. This would be for users who have websites dedicated to one crypto only and dont want to make reference to others

Just remove coins that you don’t need from the file.

Done, thanks. Also please add Telcoin (TEL) in a next update.

Ok, sure. Thank you

Very interesting plugin, perhaps a little bit overpriced.


I have an error below when users confirm the alert from email.

DataTables warning: table id=my-alerts__ca – Cannot reinitialise DataTable. For more information about this error, please see

Please check below url for finding an error,

I haven’t received any alert email neither when price reaches the price that users set up.

Please help. Thanks.


please download this file and put it under public/js folder (inside the plugin folder):

Clear the browser cache and refresh the page. Let us know if it fixes the datatable issue.

By design, only user that did set up an alert gets an email when the alert condition is met, the website admin doesn’t get the same email.

Hope it helps.


Is this code plugin for wordpress?

It’s fixed, please check.

good work mate.No problem :) what do you suggest for translation

You are welcome. Unfortunately translations are not supported at the moment. We will think how to implement it in future releases.

I have a question… after confirm email.. and then when price rise or down then it automatically send mail to user for alert? or by us?

Yes, it’s sent automatically.

Does this save the visitor email used for the alert at all? Also, I assume the alert is only sent the first time the condition is met. Any autoresponder integfration? Thanks


Yes, it does save visitors emails and you can see them (and export) in the admin panel.

Yes, the alert is sent once when the condition is first met.

No, there is no autoresponder integration.

Excellent – many thanks for the reply. Much appreciated

You are always welcome!

I installed and configured this plugin, but isn’t working. Isn’t diplay anything on front-end

Translation will be supported in the next release of the plugin.

When you will release the next version?

I don’t have any ETA at the moment, probably in around 1 month or so.

If I add that shortcode on a page, i get this – Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please, try again.


please provide temporary WP admin access to your website and we will have a look:

Thank you

1. Im having trouble getting the confirmation email and alert email to send. One of three email I tried sent the confirmation but no alert. 2. How do I change the email address it sends from. Right now it sends from a personal email.

Erom email???

Okay I changed the email but I still can only receive the confirmation and only on one out three emails. Two of them dont receive the confirmation and none get the alert

You need to check with your hoster why confirmation emails are not delivered. Once the alert form is submitted the plugin uses WordPress mail API to send an email. If it’s not delivered then your outgoing mail server couldn’t send it or the incoming mail server of the recipient couldn’t accept it. That should be reflected in the server logs and the hosting support should be able to advise why that happens.

Did you use gmail based mailboxes? Sometimes extra server configuration might be required to be able to send emails to gmail mailboxes (unless you use an external SMTP server).

Please take it up further with the hosting support and let us know the outcome.



You can make a script that: Only shows cryptocurrency alarms that are superior to 200 exponential moving line?

That is, I just want to know the cryptomendas that is on top of the 200 exponential cell line (EMA). In 4 hours.


no, I think it would be a bit complicated.

Could you confirm that users don’t need to login to Wordpress to get email alerts? I did look at the screenshots for this item.

Correct, users don’t need to login. They will receive an email with a link to the alert page.

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/wp-content/plugins/coins-alerts/includes/class-coin-alert.php on line 36 A solution for this?


please check that you have PHP 5.5.x or above.

I have 7.2

Please provide temporary WP admin access to your website, so we can check further:


I would like the plugin to have a language file that can be translated.

Sure, it will be available in the next plugin release.

thank you~

I setup two alerts to check. Used different emails. The confirmation links for both emails go to the same page which displays both alerts. Would anyone creating an alert see all alerts created by others or is this just for the demo?

Would anyone creating an alert see all alerts created by others or is this just for the demo?


The way it works is this. When you first add an alert a secret key is generated and stored in your browser cookies. All alerts you create are linked to this key (unless you clear the cookies or use another browser), so if you create second alert and use the same browser, but change the email the new alert will still be linked to the previous secret key (though sent to a different email). Different user will have different secret key, so their alerts will not be shared.

Hope it explains your question. Let me know if something is unclear.


Hi Team,

Thank you for the awesome plugin. I really love it.

At the moment I trying to translate all of strings and most them are done.

However, notification message below submit button seems not be able to translate.

I tried to change directly in the file as; /coins-alerts/public/js/custom.js /coins-alerts/public/js/custom.min.js

But still it is not translated.

Below 3 sentences are left to be translated and need your help!:)

- “Well done! You have successfully added an alert. Please, check your email and confirm it.” - “Sorry, something went wrong. Please, try again.” - “Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please, try again.”

Thank you!

Best regards,


Hi Kindaro,

these text strings should be translated in the custom.js / custom.min.js files, so you did it right. Please try to clear your browser cache after making the changes. If you use some performance optimization plugin they could also cache these files, that’s why you might not see the changes after you change them.

Hope it helps. Let us know if it worked out.


I tried to delete the cache and it didn’t change before but now it is corrected. :D

Thank you!


Just so you know the Alert page only shows your alerts when you click the link in your email.

The user will need an account to view the alert. If you don’t have user website this plugin will require a login/membership plugin.

Now after you get that set up you would think if the user would just go to the Alert Page it would show their active alerts. This is not the case. The page is blank. The alerts are identified by a key – example: (/my-alerts?confirm_key=b54liM9BwjFuJcuiJ0oJWZtw).

It would be helpful if the the user and the key where connected somehow.


the idea of the plugin is that a visitor doesn’t have to have a user account to set up alerts. Once they create an alert they receive a unique URL, which is used to track all their alerts. The plugin is not integrated with membership plugins and can not track alerts of registered users.

Please let me know if you have further questions.



I will test this again – when using this the alert page was blank if I wasn’t logged in. Will get back to you soon.



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