Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro - WordPress Crypto Plugin

Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro - WordPress Crypto Plugin

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Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro – WordPress Crypto Plugin ( & APIs)

It displays crypto coins current prices, price ticker, changes, market cap, volume, coin charts & realtime updates – bitcoin, ripple, litecoin, ethereum, dash, tron & 1500+ more coins. You can display crypto widget anywhere using simple shortcode.

Fully Autopilot & Fast Crypto Price Updates

This cypto plugin uses COINMARKETCAP & apis to show current market prices of virtual coins by grabbing data from major crypto exchanges in fastest way.

You can show top 1500+ crypto coins:- Current Price, Charts, Market Cap, Volumn and % Changes (hourly / 24 hours & 7 days)

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Real Time Price List Using API
Create a real time crypto price list and add it anywhere inside your website using simple crypto widget shortcodes. Easily mange colors and crypto list styles.
Check Price List Demos
live price crypto widget

Multi Style Crypto Price Tickers

Easily add these awesome crypto tickers inside header or footer of your website, you can easily manage font and background colors. crypto price tickers cryptocurrency list widgets crypto price card widgets cryptocurrency price labels crypto historical charts widgets crypto news widgets

Features of Crypto Widget

  • Create price label or price card of any crypto coin.
  • Show crypto price charts anywhere using shortcode.
  • Show crypto coins price ticker inside header, footer or anywhere inside website.
  • Display all crypto coins price table or list with hourly changes using shortcode.
  • Create beautiful layout using custom styles and custom css option.
  • Show coin price, volume, market cap, 24hour % price changes.
  • Show crypto market real time price updates.
  • 100+ top crypto coins price and market updates.


Version 2.0.2 | 06 December 2018
Fixed:live preview widgets was loading on all posts section 
Fixed:- Updated current price in all chart widgets
Fixed:- Minor code flow improvments

Version 2.0.1 | 03 December 2018
Fixed: Widgets not working in Mobile major bug.
Fixed:- Chart widgets wrong coin name in multiple charts
Fixed:- Changelly widget not rendering properly bug fixed
Version 2.0 | 29 NOV 2018
Added:- Integrated Live Preview feature in admin side.
Added:- Integrated New Advance Datatable widgets
Added:- Integrated new accordion widgets styles.
Added:- Integrated Brand new ticker style
Added:- Integrated crypto compare charts 
Added:- Live changes support for all fiat currency 
Fixed: Ticker not working in Safari
Improvement: Managed data in a custom database table and changed API' data saving mechanism.
Improvement:Overall code improvments
Removed:Removed transient machanism used custom Database tables
Version 1.8.3 | 05 NOV 2018
Added:- Integrated select base currency and select target currency settings in cryptocurrency calculator widgets.
Version 1.8.2 | 25 October 2018
Fixed:- Crypto converter widgets price wrong values after decimal points.
Improvement:- Added Cryptocurrency symbol with name.
Version 1.8.1 | 30 August 2018
Added: Bootstrap Enable/Disable settings to resolve a conflict.
Improvement: Design for ticker and accordion.
Improvement: All CSS & JS code is refiend.
Fixed: Web ticker  3rd party library was consuming CPU resources. Replaced Web ticker library with another better library. 
Fixed: Minor CSS issues.
Fixed: Various backward compatibility issues

Version 1.8 | 23 August 2018

-Added:-Integrated brand new Price Block layouts with 5 styles.
Accordion block, Rank Block, Clean Block, and Simple block layouts.
-Added: Introduced Widget Slider layout with 3 designs.
-Added:-Integrated Currency Converter Calculator
-Improvement:-Updated brand new clean charts in list widget and price card layout.
-Fixed:- Live changes not working in ticker widget.
-Improvements:-Minor CSS improvement in Multicurrency tab widget 
Improved: Server response time.
Improved: Admin settings panel.
Improved: Chart design and performance.
Changed: Price Card Style 5 Slider moves to Slider Widget
Version 1.7.1 | 18 July 18
-Added:-Integrated SVG and Image charts in list widget style 1
-Fixed:-Fixed multi-currency tab price changes bug
-Improvements:- Improved list widget style 3
-Improvements:-Minor CSS improvement in Multicurrency tab widget 
Version 1.7 | 25 June 18
-Added:-In this update we have Integrated 1500+ cryptocurrencies
-Added:-Added new coin selection field in the settings panel.
-Added:- Integrated brand new SVG charts in Price card layout
-Added:- Included all 1500 cryptocurrencies logo in the plugin folder.It will improve plugin loading speed
-Fixed:-Fixed Missing coin bug
-Fixed:-Fixed admin side slug missing bug.
-Improvements:- Improved overall plugin code. managed code in different-2 files for better readability. 
-Improvements:-Minor JS and CSS Improvements.

Version 1.6 | 1 May 2018

Added:- Integrated Changelly Exchange Widget.Using this widget you can earn 50% REVENUE  on each conversion. 


Added:-Integrated multi currencies tab brand new layout. For representation price in other currencies like GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY etc.

Added:-Added support for 32 currencies. You can represent the cryptocurrency price in your native currency.
Fixed:-minor bug fixings
Version 1.5.1 | 17 April 2018
Improvements:Minor chart improvements.
Improvements: Minified CSS and JS files.
Fixed: Minor Bug fixings
Version 1.5 | 01 April 2018
Added: Introduced News Feed Ticker and List view. Now user can display news from any two sources in List view and in Ticker
Added: Integrated Multicurrency designs for Price Card, Price Label and List Widget.
Added: Integrated Translation support (Spanish, Turkish, German, French, Italian, Russian).
Added:Introduced Candlestick chart.Now User can select whether to display Line Chart or Candlestick Chart.
Added: Integrated setting to disable Ticker from particular page/pages.
Added: Automatic Update feature.Now users can update plugin with single click
Improvements:Minor change in HTML.
Bug fixings:Minor Bug fixings
Version 1.4 | 07 March 18
-Added: Introduced Brand new styles for Ticker.Now user can enable live changes in all ticker styles and can enable chart in ticker widget
-Added: Integrated SVG logo for all coins.
-Added: Integrated Top 200 Hundred currencies.
-Added: Integrated Slider layout.
-Added: Added one column settings in plugin settings panel.
-Added: Integrated ticker enable/disable settings for mobile devices.
-Added:Added Pointers and 1 day change settings in Chart
-Added:Added Live changes flashing in all layouts
-Added:Integrated number formatting settings . 
-Updated: Updated socket API 
-Fixed: Fixed blank screen problem in PHP version 7.2
-Improvements:Imporved All style css. 
-Fixed:Fixed List widget responsive issues
-Fixed:Fixed List widget responsive issues
-Improvements:Imporved Card layout settings.
Version 1.3 | 23 FEB 18
-Added: Integrated coin info in chart view
-Fixed: Fixed undefined indexs problem
-Improvements:Improved plugin settings panel and user interface.
-Improvements: Minor improvements in JS.
Version 1.1 | 25 January 18
-Added: Integrated live price update in ticker widget.
-Fixed: Fixed JS error in live price widget.
-Improvements: Minor improvements in CSS.

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