Discussion on Crypto Exchange - Swap & Buy Bitcoin - Boxcoin Exchange Addon

Discussion on Crypto Exchange - Swap & Buy Bitcoin - Boxcoin Exchange Addon

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No front-end?

Do you mean a website? No, we only sell the exchange. Regards

What was the latest update on 9/11/23 ?

You set it as you want to. Please check the docs.

Yes set it

Api key/function. Would be



No, that is not the URL of the docs. Please check

I have some questions 1. Is users required to register and verify account to use the website?

2. The PayPal payment what if the user chargeback??

I have see this but I still don’t understand like example I use binance so I copy my binance USDT wallet address and user use it to send the coin to my binance wallet address how will it be confirmed?

It will be confirmed as described in the docs I sent you ;)

The docs is not clear to me thats why I need clear explanation to understand the doc says will check balance and confirm but how???

I gave an example am using binance and I put my Bitcoin wallet address for users to send, now a user copy the wallet address and send Bitcoin to the wallet address e.g 0.1Bitcoin now how with this script confirms this payment in my binance account?? Because normally users will have to send screenshot so u confirm the amount in my account.

I know some offers this service to generate wallet address users can use but collect fees so I don’t wanna pay any fees wanna use my wallet address.

Detailed explanation with the example above is highly appreciated.

Are you able to add XMR support?

We will add it soon

When can i expect it?

There is no ETA yet sorry

I sent an email to your support with no reply for almost a week. I want to make purchase but i will like customizations . I want to know if you can add a payment gateway before i go ahead with purchase.!

Thanks. I think it is possible but it will be expensive, it will cost about $400 (this price is discounted of 50% because it is a feature useful to other users)

Sure we can discuss that! I am interested! Also a little changes on the script please. How else can i get in touch with you?

Hi, please contact me at Thank you!

i am looking to buy this adon where can i buy the boxoin ?

i mean just from static look an style are you able to make it look like it in the example so my customer can just click the tab just like the example Crypt Exchange / Buy and Sell Crypto that is how the example is so my ideal would be Boxcoin Exchange / Buy Crypto so the layout the style will look like the example is that possible ? hope that is more clear probly todo with css ? also you mentioned currently on your product selling crypto for fiat not available in that in the road map possibly ? or something available for custom hire ? thanks again guys

Unfortunately it is not possible as it will require to change a lot of the source code as well, it is not only CSS. Regards

Crypto for fiat will be available next year probably. But no ETA yet sorry.

On peut ajouté notre propre token a la liste des crypto qui sont la ?

Yes, but only if it is a BSC or ETH based token. Regards

You are welcome!

Looks very solid and professional. Congrats for the project.

2 bug reports:

- From the cloud version docs: “Each transaction is subject to a fee of 0.08%. A transaction worth USD 100 will generate a fee of USD 0.8, for example”. However, 0.08% of 100 USD is 0.08 USD, not 0.8 USD. So, either the fee percentage is wrong (you meant 0.8%) or the fee total is wrong.

- In the Exchange demo, entering 1 USDT it returns “The minimum amount is 1 USDT”.

Can users exchange binance coins such as busd, bnb or others like usdt, avalanche, polygon? And can users use their metamask to deposit and exchange funds to other cryptos?

Currently user can only pay with BUSD and BNB but they can not receive/buy them. Metamask is supported. Regards

have you plan to add flutterwaves gateway for africa?

No sorry

We can implement it but there are extra cost for the customization

Is there any discount avilable if i buy both the php and exchange addon? Thanks in advance!

Please send this message to and I will update you. Thank you!

i have question. In the exchange, when i have 20 usdt balance on website wallet and 0 balance bitcoin the user pays 20 dollars, user can buy bitcoins, but if the site wallet does not have dollars, it warns that the balance is low, but if it does not have bitcoins, it continues.I think it should be the opposite .for example I have bitcoins and I want to sell bitcoins. Why should I have usdt and not bitcoins?

When there are cheap networks like trc20 and bnb chain , why should users exchange to Ethereum, which is so expensive? Each purchase and sending from the coinbase exchange to website wallet costs 20 dollars fee, and the user pays 10 dollars for each purchase fee, and the website wallet to user wallet 10 usd fee. I not understand or i am crazy

And it takes a week or more to send on the ethereum network!


nrply Purchased

In regards to, “they can not receive bep-20 tokens yet” when will it be available? 1 month+ 3 months+ or 6 months+? Thanks.

There is no ETA yet sorry. Regards


nrply Purchased

Is ComplyCube setup required?

ComplyCube is not required

There is no way to implement so as not to run out of balance with some api or something that, for example, the user bought crypto and deposited with his money, bought the crypto and sent his billetwra, in case we run out of balance?


You can avoid running out of balance by sending crypto when you receive the low balance notifications via email.



nrply Purchased

Can user connect via Metamask? Also, purchased tokens stored in Metamask and trade other tokens via Metamask?

Yes, Metamask is supported.


nrply Purchased

Hi, can I add custom bep-20 token and also swap for other token eg. bnb/busd? Thanks.

Users can only buy with bep-20 tokens, they can not receive bep-20 tokens yet.


nrply Purchased

In regards to, “they can not receive bep-20 tokens yet” when will it be available? 1 month+ 3 months+ or 6 months+? Thanks.

hello good work with this, can i know when i can sell crypto and is there a panel like admin panel thanks

Thank you! The panel is the one of Boxcoin, with a few more settings. Demo at

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you! 

I bought 10 brl for btc and was charged 5x the amount. could you explain these taxa to me? If I buy the script, will my customers have high fees as well?

no problem, I plan to buy the script in the future.

We have fixed the issue. Fell free to tests it again and if any issue occur (but we just tested it 2 times in BRL and it works) we will send a refund.

Mind that due to high BTC network congestion, the network fees are high (about 10 BRL or 3 USD)

does boxcoin have an api for external sales?

Hi API are available at but the UI of the checkout is currently required. We will publish full payment via API soon.


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