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What’s the difference between Crypto Casino and Stake gaming platform?

Technical differences

Crypto Casino Stake
Application type Classic web application     Single page application    
Frontend framework Bootstrap Materialize
Backend framework Laravel 5.7 Laravel 7.2
PHP version required 7.1.3 – 7.3.x 7.2.5+
Progressive Web Application (PWA) No Yes
Code splitting & lazy loading No Yes

Functional differences

Crypto Casino Stake
Marketing Referral program Multi-tier affiliate program
Chat Single-room chat Multi-room chat
Manage chat messages No Yes
User avatars No Yes
Game details No Yes
Themes 6 built-in color schemes Dark and light theme,
ability to change main
application colors
Update casino name,
logo and banner
in the backend
No Yes
Number of game add-ons    14 11
Multiplayer games support    No Yes
Demo link link

Apart from the above there are some differences in Payments add-ons available for both applications. Specifically the Payments add-on for Stake is more flexible and allows to link multiple deposit or withdrawal methods to the same payment gateway, so that it’s possible to accept multiple currencies using PayPal or multiple ERC20 tokens using Metamask.