Crypto Casino | Slot Machine | Online Gambling Platform | Laravel 5 Application

Crypto Casino | Slot Machine | Online Gambling Platform | Laravel 5 Application

Crypto Casino

About Crypto Casino

Crypto Casino is a gambling platform, where people can play online games (such as slot machine) and use cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals.

Supported games

At the moment the follwing games are available to play:

  • Slots

More games will be added in future releases.

Slot Machine Features


20 paylines are supported. User can choose how many paylines to bet in each round (1 to 20).

Wilds and Scatters

Wild symbols replace any regular symbol (except scatter). Scatter symbols win when they appear on the reels in any place. They also offer greater payouts and multiply your total bet.

Custom Bets

User can choose how much to bet per line.


A casino administrator can:

  • Customize slots symbols (upload any symbols images instead of good old fruits).
  • Customize each of the 5 reels (symbols presence and their positions on the reel).
  • Choose wild and scatter symbols.
  • Set payouts for each symbol (for each number of occurences).
  • Set min and max bet amount per line
  • Set default bet amount per line
  • Set default number of lines to bet

With the above capabilites you can create unique slot machines!

General Application Features

  • 2 color themes: dark purple and light blue.
  • Free credits (amount is configurable) are added to user account on sign up.
  • Deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies.
  • Integration with
  • Players leaderboard.
  • History of played games.
  • User profile pages with extended stats.
  • 19 built-in languages (other languages can also be added).
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration.
  • White label (choose a name and kick start your own online casino).
  • Built-in installator application.

Admin panel features

  • Dashboard with statistics.
  • Users management (view, block, edit, delete).
  • View accounts.
  • View games.
  • View deposits.
  • View and approve withdrawals.
  • Manage application settings.
  • Maintenance (clear cache, run database updates, execute scheduled tasks).


In order to attract new customers to your casino it might be vital to have existing users base, which play games on a regular basis and thus increase credibility of your website. Don’t have customers yet? Bots come to the rescue!

A casino administrator can automatically generate any number of bots through the backend. These bots appear as regular users, but on a given schedule (set by the administrator) a random number of bots will “wake up” and play games with random parameters.

Demo environment

Please sign up at Crypto Casino to test the application. You can use the following credentials to check the backend features:

user:, password: admin

System requirements

  • PHP 7.1.3 or higher.
  • PHP extensions: cURL, Mbstring, OpenSSL, PDO, Tokenizer, XML, Ctype, JSON, BCMath.
  • PHP function set_time_limit() enabled.
  • URL rewrite enabled.
  • The application should be installed to the web root folder of a domain or sub domain (it will not work if installed to a sub folder).

The application can be installed on a shared server, however please ensure you have enough system resources available with your hosting account.

Warning: This is NOT a WordPress plugin or theme and can not be integrated with WordPress.


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v1.1.3 - 14 January 2019
- Password reset email notifications added.
- Button colors optimization for light blue theme.

v1.1.2 - 13 January 2019
- Bots feature implemented. An administrator can generate any number of bots through the backend.
  On a regular basis bots will "wake up" and play games with random parameters.

v1.1.1 - 13 January 2019
- Button colors optimization for dark purple theme.

v1.1.0 - 11 January 2019
- Light blue theme added.
- Min / max bet settings added for Slots game.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

v1.0.0 - 27 December 2018
- Initial release.