CryptInvest - Wallet Growth Investment Addon

CryptInvest - Wallet Growth Investment Addon

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This is a Addon for PayMoney – Secure Online Payment Gateway

Overview of Investment Addon

  • PayMoney – CryptInvest Addon is a platform where users can invest and make money from the investment after a certain period of time
  • Admin can create different plans for a fixed duration of time with multiple currencies including fiat and cryptos
  • Users can invest via wallet as well as different payment gateways
  • When the investment has matured, the administrator can approve the profit, allowing the amount and profit to be transferred to the user’s wallet.

We are open to any help/support through our support system.
Please send us an e-mail to or click here to create a ticket

Demo Site info:

Admin Login:
username  :
password   : 123456

User Login:
username   :
passwrod    : 123456

Merchant Login:
username   :
passwrod    : 123456

Test Credentials:
Stripe credentials (Deposit) 
Card number  : 4242424242424242
MM/YY   : 12/29
CVC   : 123

Update ChangeLog

CryptInvest v2.0.0 – August 08, 2023 (supported with Paymoney v4.0.0)

            Improvement: Script upgraded to latest laravel version 10 & compitable with latest PHP 8.1.0
            Improvement: Investment user panel new design applied with rtl support
            Improvement: Bootstrap version is upgraded to 5.0.2
            Improvement: New pdf design applied for better preview
            Improvement: Jobs and queue applied for mail performance improvement
            Improvement: Mailing templates improved
            Improvement: Language translation and text upgraded
            Improvement: Different css and js files optimized and minified
            Improvement: Different helper functions applied for code optimization and reusability
            Improvement: Unnecessary junk code and comments erased
            BugFix: Fixed an issue of plan count during displaying plan on user panel

CryptInvest v1.1 – January 05, 2023 (supported with Paymoney v3.9)

        Improvement: Admin panel update with bootstrap 5.0.2
        Improvement: Supported with latest PHP 8.1.0
        Improvement: Source code refactored and optimized
        BugFix: Fixed an issue of quering currency during plan and & edit

Initial Release v1.0 – October 29, 2022 (supported with Paymoney v3.7)

        Initial Release