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Hi, let me ask – do you plan to support symetric AES and asymetric RSA /DSA encryption alghoritms in the future releases ?

Thanks for your reply.

Now that you mention I’ll probably be supporting these in future releases, by now I’m working on offer AES 256 which is one of the ones I miss in the 1.0 Greetings

I just purchased this thinking I was getting a dll that included source code. This thing is just an application and no source is included.

You need to make this clear in the description as I am totally uninterested in purchasing an application that will do hashing. I want to be able to understand hashing and use the dlls in my own application.

CodeCanyon doest have a Source Code Category yet, You where buying an Application though not a DLL pack and a manual. Sorry.

I’m looking at getting this, looks very nice. Few questions first:

1) Do you have a full list of supported formats? If so what are all the supported file formats?

2) When is the next version of your application coming out? What other hashes are coming with it?

3) How secure is this? I see you enter a pass phrase, does the pass phrase have to be 100% correct to decrypt? Does it have to be done though your application? (if so that would make it even more secure so if not you might want to add that as a option…)


Hello CwTechies! Glad you’re interested

Ok heres the answers:

1- I assume you mean the file formats that I’v ciphered. So far i have succesfuly ciphered all main picture formats (JPG, PNG , GIF, TIF , BMP), EXE files, CSS , HTML, JS, also video formats including AVI up to 1,3 GB and never had a problem bringing the files back to theyr original format. Takes a while with large files but it does do the job.

2- Im working on some new algorithms right now but due to a few new projects im delayed on the date of release and right now I cant tell. Though im working on it.

3- Its really secure, most of the programs out there just let you choose the algorithm or at the most a combo between Keyword and Algorithm, I think of that and add the hashs so it adds a new security layer by shadowing the algorithm. It can be cracked by other softwares just if they offer the same secuence of algorithm-hash-keyword so its really hard other than that it would take like a million years to bruteforce.

Greetings =)

I’m liking this program even more, I smiled when you said it works with all main image formats and exe, css, html, and js formats. lol Do you know if it works with compressed files? .7z, .zip, and/or .rar files?

I am definitely waiting for the new release, I can wait though, make sure it’s perfect before releasing .

Last thing, what encryption and hash is best together, security wise. I am probably going to get this TO NIGHT . And spend all night having fun encrypting my files :D

Great work, CwTechies

I bought this a few hours ago and I love it, works with compressed files like I was hoping too! One problem the warning pop-ups are not in English…

I set no password and only a hash messing with the program and then a popup popped up displaying: ” no es un valor entero valido


Maybe you should make different language packs for it or make it only one language? Other then that no issues and works perfect, I do recommend this to anyone who needs a text/file encryption program.

Actually it about not choosing a combo Algorithm/Hash you can set the keyword to null and it will cipher ok but if you left blank either algorithm or hash it will pop up the message :s I forgot to translate that one! It will be done for next release. Also I probably gonna default set the algorithm to Blowfish and Hash to Haval, so the error message dont display at all =)

Glad you like it and thanks for buying =)


Interesting application, i see from earlier comments that you might be releasing the source code …. have you thought any more about it, as i would certainly buy !

Maybe I’ll include the source for the 1.0 since im about to release the 2.0

Still working on some new features.



I would like to purchase this application with the source code, how can we do this, how much do you charge for it?

Best regards


Email me to: wintersahead@gmail.com then I’ll reply to you…


Hello! If I buy it I’ll have the source code too or not?

Just bought this and found your Decrypt Files has bugs as it decrypts with the incorrect file extension. Is there plans to update this at all (I noticed you mentioned version 2 about 4 years ago)...

Authors talk too much when they are in sales fever ;-)

How does this work for email?