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Is there any points system. in future ?

No plans in this Month :)

hi, please you can send me the documentation, how i have the api login google+ and facebook login?


Friend , in files you received, document also available it have step by step explanation , kindly Check :)

Great support, totally recommended, thanks for help me

Request you to give 5 Star Friend :)


smazhar Purchased

Can you reply me i am waiting for support for days!

We didn’t find your details on our Support Portal.Can you open a support ticket Here: https://goo.gl/AFmBiP

We will support.


Thanks :)

how to create Android Apk? Please response thanks

You can do it at your end with the help of document, else Can you open a support ticket Here: https://goo.gl/AFmBiP

We will support. :)

how can i configure paypal? and where do I get the apis? What is asked in the admin ?

Check document :)

document does not say anything about paypal configuration …

It only talks about the installation of the system … apk generation and sgnal notification installation

not talking about the configuration of facebook and google – login

Ping in Skype Dv.Developer3 :)

When I create the apk, does it look like this? type problem in css

> https://prnt.sc/hm84mp

How can I solve it?

Requested to pin in Skype :)

how to remove the option to pay online, and put another in the same way of paying cash?

examples of options:

> Cash payment

> Pleasure card machine

It needs little customisation, if interested after purchase contract us , thanks :)

ok … I already have an application … you can update and send me by email I only change the existing files …

email- asbhost.info@gmail.com

pensonalization is done in the code or in the database or in both

Ping in Skype Dv.Developer3 support team will assist you . Thanks :)

which type of website require for this app how it is work

This have web admin to run mobile app :)

Hello, I need to add a new form of payment, is it possible, and can you incorporate smsgatewayme? Can personalized notifications be sent to each of the registered customers?

Yes we can do , ping me in Skype Sams4Christ. Thanks

hello, I am very interested in this application, I have a question is this can be build into an IOS and android version? Thanks

Yes this is available with Android and iOS . For queries Skype Sams4Christ :)


smazhar Purchased

Hi, I fixed Registration. I have one last problem. When I am at the last step of ordering and I select everything and click on “order” button the app crashed. While I try to debug it on my phone I got this error: (node:815) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1): TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined (node:815) [DEP0018] DeprecationWarning: Unhandled promise rejections are deprecated. In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate the Node.js process with a non-zero exit code. Can you help me fix it , please

Thanks for allowing us to fix your issue today :)

you think new versión? with search bar or coupon apply?

No plans as of now :)

Facebook login does not work…. any guidance as to what to do? I thought it was just the demo, but it does it after purchasing as well.

Hi friend , Have you setup your Social logins details

I’ll try to change something in the admin shows this message..and do not let change! How can I disable this option?

Info! Access Denied on demo server

Hi Friend ,Please ping us on Skype @ dv.developer3 we will discuss

I don’t understand… I purchase this template, and the instructions to get it working are well written, but REALLY OLD, which means that it does not work when you try to get it to compile. It doesn’t suggest version #’s for any tools, or tell you everything you need to get it running.

I tried multiple times to get a hold of someone to help… first on Friday I was told to reach out Sunday night at Midnight (EST)... So I show up at Midnight, but don’t get a hold of anyone till 12:45… and then they ask me to wait another 10 minutes… 20 minutes later I realize they won’t help me, I just need to go to sleep, cause I work the next day. So they said “Contact us when you get up” So I did… I contacted them at 8am (EST) and it’s now 10am (EST) and they STILL have yet to respond, and they went offline. WHAT is going on? Can I please get some help? Or can the installation guide get updated, so that it actually works? I Just spent $60 USD on this template, and it’s 100% useless at this point.

Thank you very much… I hope I can get some help soon, it’s been 3 days.

Also, the web application does not work – after installation, and removal of the ‘install’ directory… none of the menu’s work… is there something I should do in order to get it to work? Clicking on them does nothing.

Hello Friend ,Given reply in Skype please check it once Thanks :)

Before purchase, let me know that is there frontend website also wiith this

Not available. Thanks :)

I need indian paymeny gateway like ccavenue. Will you add this payment gateway

Yes we will do this underpaid Customization

can you help me with this error at the time of publishing

Upload failedYou uploaded a debugging APK. For security reasons, disable debugging before publishing to Google Play.

What do I do and where??

Signed APK should be generated to upload in the play store, You generated APK without a sign that is the error it is showing. Thanks :)

Pre Sale Questions:

1. Is it built on Ionic 1 or 2 Framework? 2. It has push notifications or not? 3. Works on Ios/android all devices? Mobile/Tab/Tv ?

Hi 1. It is Ionic 1

2. Yes Push Notifications available.

3. Works on Andriod and iOS Mobile and Tab, but not in TV.

Thanks :)

Awesome! I’am going to purchase now. Thank You so much!

Thanks Mate :)