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Hi sir i got activation from apple.com developer account, if i buy your app can you upload it to apple store, i give you login details of apple account and provide me apk i upload it to my play store account. and i have required payumoney gateway as last discussion.

Sure, let me know once you purchase

Any Plans to take us to Ionice v2 anytime soon ?

Hi Yes, no plans as of now, but we will consider it.


Hey admin, need some assistance in updating to the newest version. And to setup sms gateway. I don’t want to lose my data. I have been contacting you guys for weeks on Skype and WhatsApp.

Hi, I am interest in purchasing your app. Could you please forward the login URL to admin for evaluation. Very much appreciated. Thanks, Danny


Here is the link to admin : http://projects.cmdemolabs.com/crunchy/auth/login

Admin Login Details: admin@admin.com / adminadmin

Thanks !

Thank you for providing the admin login. I also want to know if I want to produce and made the app download on iTunes for iPhone Is this possible?

Hi Yes

You can, if you need, we will generate APKs for Android and IOS


Hi All

Thanks for your support during these days, we just back to work, and resuming the the 5 star support.

We are working on brand new support forum along with Video Guides , we will inform you very soon.

Thanks -Noah and Team

Hi does it support restaurant with more than one branch ?


Unfortunately it’s for only one restaurant.


it’s not easy to get the supporting from Provider…. too sad.. He said that support by Skype in 6 months.. but it seems to have only some first days…

Thanks :) Support will be for the issues in the system. I’m glad to help you always my friend :)

Thank you so much! Hopefully, we can get much help from you..

You’re welcome my friend

Hola estoy interesada en la app, cuando los usuarios hagan determinados pagos se les podría dar una serie de puntos los cuales después se podrían canjear en descuentos?

Hola, Gracias por tu interés, por desgracia, esta función no está disponible, personalizamos esto, si quieres

Y cuanto costaría personalizarlo?

Antes de costar, necesitamos requisitos claros, ¿Puede por favor agregarme en Skype @ digital.vidhya, vamos a hablar?

Hi before I purchase this, can you tell more about backend please, like with which programming language it is developed and do it support customization. Regarding Application I checked the Application (Android Version) it is a bit slow and getting jamed, is it because of high quality pictures used in slide show or? Thanks in advance

Hello Back end is built on CodeIgniter , yes , my demo server is bit slow.

you can add me on Skype @ digital.vidhya for more queries.


hi, i have home cooked meals and my customers are required to order but not for the same day… minimum of 24 hours. can i do that from the backend ?

Yes you can , buy it and contact we will guide you.

@DigiSamaritan I am trying to connect with you on skype since last 5 days but you seem to be unavailable there every time. I have purchased your item “Crunchy” on envato market. Need your help in few things. 1) In Removing Paypal File Completely (For reducing size of application.) 2) Setting up One Signal Push Notifications, Google API Key, Configuring Application and Generating APK and IOS files. Kindly reply as soon as possible.

replied on Skype.

You disappeared again after replying.

doing :)

Hello. I want to purchase this but i’m wondering. you said ’’ if you’re not comfortable, lets us… we Freely add the details in app code,’’ how far can you customize the app for me? Do you have a fully public documentation for how to customize the app myself ? Thank you


Customization is out of the support , so its not free :P

If you want , we can generate the ready to go APKs.


thanks for you answer, okay how many do you take for customization ?? Do you have documentation for you app because i’m not a developper but i can customize and handle some code and program (few of them) so i need to know if i can do that before purchase.


Yes , it has documentation. Thanks

On average, how much will you charge for adding another country specific payment gateway. Eg look at slydepay.com.gh


Kindly add me on Skype @ digital.vidhya

we will talk


greetings from Chile…

questions 1) system allows translation into Spanish? 2) system creates apk and ipa for iOS 3) Is it optional to publish in playstore?


YES is for all :)



benyin Purchased

Hi, I bought your app and like it very much. I have been trying to compile the app to Android but came across a few issues. I have sent the details of the problem to your support email from dannyhuynh972. I am very much appreciate if you could help me to compile the android and ios apk so I can upload to app stores. Thanks in advance for your help and support.


Looks something went wrong, you can contact the support from Here :https://goo.gl/AFmBiP

Skype : digital.vidhya



sanjuwdr Purchased

Where can I find my purchase code?