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Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks Mate

Hi, what is the difference with SXIMO 5? what is the best?

Hi Mate ,

Sximo 5 has frontend and backend features . its design for CMS and web application and also supported mobile version .

Sximo UI design for only office backend application . its similiar extJS platform . all Sximo5 features exlude frontend are available on Sximo UI . but Sximo UI have more proffesional look for Enteprise application

So depending on your needs . both are recomended



Good luck with selling!

Thanks Mate

good job, nicely done ! i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks Mate

Hi Mangopik, before purchace please let me know about user management module whether it can organize user policy based role like add, delete, edit, print and manage access to the module is allowed.

Hi Finandri ,

All role access based on users group , and not directly to user ID

Thanks Mangopik, already purchased.

Cakep !! , makasih gan

Hi, I just wonder which one I have to choose to buy between CRUD Generator and Builder. What are the major differences between them?

Sximo 5 designed for website and web app and sximo ui design for backend office without website for public .

both script having same fitur , but sximo ui minus frontend

good job. success in sales

Thanks Mate

How can I make a textarea readonly? I see “Show”, “Searchable” and “Required” but I don’t see “readonly” option.

you need to write directly on generated form

Does your code support nested tables right out of the box? Meaning I have tables that depend details stored in other tables, which depend themselves on details on one or more tables related by one ore more foreign keys. Is that something that is very easy to implement using your code. Do you have ready examples?

Thank you.

halo bang opik, btw untuk text with editornya belum berfungsi ya?

Blom gan , di versi berikutnya gan

hello mangopik, just info any bug when i create three level menu a href pointing to menu level 1

script before update : @if($menu[‘menu_type’] 'external')

script after update : @if($menu3['menu_type'] ‘external’)

Siap gan , saya catat ini di issue tracker . http://sximobuilder.com/dev/sximo-5-lts-builder

Makasih buat informasinya

Gan. Invoice Litenya suport di SXIMO UI nggak? Trims

Belom support gan .

gan ko ga bisa create sub form ya

errornya : ketika klik tombol add , engga keluar apa2. “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

2/2 ErrorException in cde05411ab60199c6bf5330bb3cf4db2 line 164: Undefined variable: subform (View: “

Sudah di rebuild kang ?

sudah kan, jadinya ane tambahin manual di controllernya : di function getUpdate : $this->data[‘subform’] = $this->detailview($this->modelview , $this->info‘config’ ,$id );

dan di constructnya : $this->modelview = new \App\Models\Quotationserviceorder();

sekalian mau nanya mengenai nested combo select itu bisa digunakan di subform ga gan?