Discussion on Crosswords with AdMob

Discussion on Crosswords with AdMob

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it looks very good. I have these doubts:

  • I can generate the questions that I want or they are already predefined.?
  • Can I change the graphics?
  • It is created in androidx.?

You can generate your questions. Graphics can be changed. Supports android 4.0 and higher.

Hi. Is it possible to show hints for the crosswords? Do you have a code for it? Thanks.

I mean first letter

No such option

is it possible for you to give me an idea how to implement this? Very much appreciated. Thank you

Does it support Arabic language

No. Only if you will edit the source as you need to use arabic chars


Did you fix the generator or build a new one in the end?

I’m obviously having the same problems as previous poster, with seemingly random vertical (and horizontal) words missing from the json output.

Did you remember where you got it from, maybe they have a working version?


Not fixed yet. I have not the contact of the author of the generator


Ok, thanks for the reply anyway.

Does this app has a Social Share option?

I have a problem, please reply my email Thanks

Hi again,

Thank you for the update!

I’m wondering if it’s possible to add a title for each crossword? Can you at least point me where to look in the code?

Would this be something complicated to do so I will have to hire someone to do this change?

Thanks again!

Hi there,

Can you give me a contact for the buyer that gave you this generator? I would like to ask him for a fully working version if he/she has it.

Thank you!

I don’t remember, sorry

Crosswords generator updated

Hi there,

Solved! Thanks!

does this have in-app purchases?

Seems to be a bug. As soon as I enable Admob, the app crashes when I try to start a crossword game. Please advise.

Put yours admob IDs before enable admob

I did put my admob IDs in. The issue happens when I change “show-admob” to “true”. The app launches normally, but then crashes when I select a level. Please advise.

how to make “content” easily? Is there a way?

Is it easy to create a new level? I want to make 500 levels. Is that random or I have to make one at a time?

I see if other comments you told that it should be possible to use here other languages. But what about keyboard will it support other alphabet? Other amount of letters?

admob not working, i see this message The Google Mobile Ads SDK will not integrate with Firebase. Admob/Firebase integration requires the latest Firebase SDK jar, but Firebase SDK is either missing or out of date

Sorry I think I have solved most this issues, just help me to make delete key works as “backspace” and to solve admob issue. thanks

First of all use you package name to see admob. Did you enable it in strings.xml? And admob needs some time before Google will show it. Or try to upload the app to the Google Play

What should i change to reskin the app?

Can i reskin this app many time for different language?

Any plans for an iOS version?

The banner does not comply with the admob policies You must separate it with an element.

Hi there,

Great start of the projects but there are missing few key aspects:

1. There is no notification if you didn’t manage to complete the crossword correctly. I saw that if you write all the correct words you see “Completed” but if you didn’t write the correct words there is no notification and this is a bit confusing for the users because they don’t have any clue if what they wrote there is correct or not unless they leave that screen. And even there, the hints that you haven’t guess any word is invisible.

2. How can you erase all the letters you’ve written horizontally or vertically on a row? There seems to be no functionality for that and again it’s stressful for the user.

3. Why can not use the native keyboard of the phones for writing? The same functionality as when writing a message for example. Is there any reason? It should be better to open the keyboard only when it’s necesarry. In this way you save a lot of space.

What do you think about this? Does it make any sense for you?


1) Completed word has gray background color (this it is an indicator of the correct answer) and is not editable. 2) Erase can be both vertical or horizontal (click on the some cell one more time to change the way). 3) Native keyboard take more place on the screen

1) I see now that the completed word has a gray background color but wouldn’t be good to notify the user if he/she completed some incorrect answers to notify them of something like:

“Almost there! It seems that you have at least one incorrect word” So in this way they know that they have some errors. Something generic like this might be better than nothing at all.

2) Now I see, it confused me because I didn’t saw an “X” or something indicating deleting on the keyboard.

3) Yes, you are right. I had the impression that might be better to use that.

Super nice! Any plans on adding new feature to the app? Also any plans to create an iOS version?

I’m gonna buy it!

Thank you!

demo apk? to add or change the crosswords content will need to update the app? or it has web part?

Needs to update the app

Can you change to Spanish and Portuguese?


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