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Hi. I want buy this crossword. I can send post request after right word?

You can send the request for the whole grid.

Hi. Can I use the Cyrillic alphabet(russian) instead of English letters and when I typed the correct answer how I learned about it.

Can I user my custom question

Please check the preview for Cyrillic letters. You can only check correctness on the whole grid not on a single word.

Hi, Arabic character is it supported ?

It should be.

any update ?
can clue put on header not pop up and cursor on box ready to type word ?
i hope you understand what i mean :)

Sorry no update.

hi, i’m about to purchase your product, but before i’d like to know if it would be easy to display it on a page of my wordpress site ?

Would i need to insert an html page in an iframe tag for example ? Is it posible to skip the first screen and display the crosswords directly (not having to click on the pink red button with an arrow to display the crosswords)

Thank you so much for you beautifully designed product, can’t wait to read you and purchase your item !

Hi, I’ve never tried it with wordpress. It is an html page, css and a js file. I don’t think it should be difficult to integrate it into wordpress. Skipping the intro page may require a bit work. I think you can do these if you have some html and javascript skills. Thanks.

Hi. Compatible with Joomla 3.7.2 ? Also curious to know, is it possible to customise this game so that we can “insert” our own puzzle words, add a submit button at the end after which the user fills in a form and pays entry? We need this for a weekly crossword competition in line with the one we have in our weekly newspapers – hence the need to customise it so that we can “insert” our own puzzle words etc.

There is no built-in joomla support. In fact, I’m not familiar with joomla so I don’t know how to integrate. You can use your own words and customize in any way you like.