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How many levels?

It is a crossword puzzle, there are no levels.

How many words?

Well, there are already 150 words. More can be added. But I have a database (in plain text file) of more than 100.000 English words and clues which I can send to those who purchase.

Two inquiry : I have already two crosswords : HTML/Jquery/PHP/Text File & another two is in Flash/XML

1) To create the crossword,do we have to provide x,y location or it creates automatically.Can you provide demo.if it is not possible than screenshot or video.

2) Sending score to sever via PHP and MYSql (or in plain text file). Score depends on Time taken to solve the grids & no. words etc.

Hi, thanks for your interest.
1) The crossword is generated automatically, the screen shot is here: All you need to do is to click the regenerate button. Here you generate the grid with preview.
2) My crossword doesn’t send info to server. If you want you can do this using ajax in the crossword completion handler function.

Hi, text edit on mac changes all the ’ in ´ and it is hard to correct, and finally I sent the data.json file, but it failed to load anytime! any help? thank you

do you know a good json processor lighter than dreamweaver?

I write json in notepad++ (for windows).

ok, i get windows and text edit is very bad

how to set different numbers of coloumn? for example, coloumn 10×16 instead of 10×10 or 16×16

Hi, both sides are supposed to be the same.

Does not work enter the answers with the iPhone.A pop-up window, choose to respond, but the keyboard to enter letters doesn’t appear

It will happen next week.

I checked it with iphone 6 and works fine when the two lines I told you is commented out.

All excellent.Thank you!

Hi, I downloaded the new update but don’t know what files to upload to my host, could you help? thank you

Hi, it is the crossword.js file.

thank you

Hi Trimax, is it possible to add my own words in another language? For example in Spanish? or is it only for your chosen words and definitions in English?

You can certainly add your language. Just open the js file of words and add your words and clues.

great! Thank you so much!

How if I want mobile view on PC? I want same looks on mobile and PC

They will work different on smartphones.

any android version ?

No native android version. But it runs on android browser.

Hi, Is it working for non English Indian language characters?

It should do.

Hello, I had a couple of questions regarding your program. I saw that you had posted a tinypic link to show the crossword generation, but I just wanted to clarify- given the same words, will regenerating the crossword yield different configurations? It’s important to me that the crossword be different every time. I also wanted to know if it would be possible to “get rid of” the unused boxes; as in, take out the lines dividing them and make them transparent, so that, when finished, the only visible boxes are ones containing letters. Thank you in advance.

1-Yes crossword is generated randomly each time. 2-Please try to change cell_line_color variable same as background color.

Thank you for the rapid reply!

Hi, is there a way to make a check while a person is writing an answer? So that an error is highlited as soon as i write instead of having to push the button for the check? Thanks

Sorry I don’t do custom work.

And an update with this function?

I made the update, who should need it can contact me, thanks again

Is it possible to design any crossword manually or it generates automatically?

It is automatic generation.

Great game, @davidenotto, I am interested in your update proposal, how can I contact you

Hi, thanks for the purchase. I’m on summer holiday currently, please repeat your question two weeks later.

Hello. Now the data is coming in div id JS, and we would like them to be opened and received in the form of text, so it was them seen in html. Is it possible?

Sorry, can you make your question more clear please?

Good day! Your script generator.html, generation answer in div id, what problem parser page, correct, so you can get the source code crossword?

Sorry, I don’t understand this.

Hi, this looks like a great plugin. It looks like a good start for a project of mine. However, I do want to make some modifications to extend the functionality for the project’s specific needs. Is any of the code obfuscated or compressed in any way? It will be hard to modify it if this is so. Thanks.

It is not obfuscated, you can edit it as you like.

If other pre-generated data.json files are created and saved in the /crossword/ directory, is there a way to modify the code in the /js/crossword.js file, so that other crossword puzzles can be randomly loaded and/or selectively load, rather loading than just the same puzzle every time?

I’m not a programmer, but I can modify code. Would you be able to provide me with an estimate of what you would change to make this type of update? It you would like, feel free to send me a message on Skype at: Google.SEO.Expert

Sorry, I’m too busy for custom work.

No problem, I understand.

Merhabalar. İki adet hata olduğunu düşünüyorum. - Zoom yapıldığında çözünürlük bozuluyor. - Zoom yapıp gezinti yapınca atlatma yapıyor.

Bu iki sıkıntı nasıl çözülecek?

Hello. I think there are two mistakes. - Resolution is degraded when zooming. - Zoom and navigate to make the jump.

How will these two troubles be resolved?

Oyun canvas uygulaması olduğu için zoom yapınca çözünürlük düşüyor. Zaten zoom ekstra bir özellik bu. Atlama yapması zoom’a bağlı bir durum.