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Thanks dude ! =)

I want to buy, but have some doubts, will I get documentation, psd’s and other required things to edit game.

Yes Included with the game are all the textures in PNG format with transparent background, sings, you can easily replace any structural elements by simply replacing them with his redrawn in Photoshop! Asli that will need to email me at muscle-ss@mail.ru, helps its clients 24/7

Thanks for this too. :) PLEASE make more kids games..or else!! :P I would love to see some sort of coloring book with images and you can bucket fill them etc. Any way thanks..keep up the good work. If i have Admob trouble will let you know but need to modify a fair bit first. Thanks again, Rob

Thank you, I am very pleased! Soon I will do another project for children with figures and color, and beautiful graphics!

Beautiful graphics, good job! :D


Hi. I would like to ask if the score results are saved in a database like MySQL? Thank you. :)

Yes, levels are saved in Web Storage in full version.

The game is addictive. Good job!

Serega-A, Thank You!

It is possible to limit the number of clicks because it is enough random quickly click to win. Maybe something as: Each click takes extra time.

Yes, it can be easily done by adding the event to the figure with additional seconds.