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Great work!!

I would like to know which files are included and if it is possible to change the graphics with the extended license. Thanks a lot ;)


Hi and thank you!

You can easily change the game’s appearance, sounds and texts by editing the default ones (if you faced any issues in doing so, we can help you).

And in the package, you can find the game’s js files which are made by Game Maker engine so are in form of compressed codes.

The game looks good. Is it possible to change back to the normal numeric instead of the triangles? If no programming knowledge could do so?


Yes. These triangles are sprites and can be easily changed to numeric method (without any reprogramming). But note that the maximum value of these numbers can be 512.

I would like to know is it possible to add more levels?

Hi and thank you for contacting us,

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for you to add levels by yourself.

Hi, the game is interesting. However, it seems not able to run on iOS, the performance is very slow. Is there any thing you can do for supporting iphone?

OK. Thank you for the information. We will check it to see what is causing the issue. I will inform you if we have any update.

Thanks, looking forward to see.

Hi again,

We did some tests and it seems this issue only appears on iPhone (it works fine on iPad). Anyway, we haven’t figured it out yet, but we will inform you if anything happens.

I have Game Maker Engine, do I get the source files ?


Fortunately our Game maker projects aren’t free and you need to purchase them separately.

How much do you charge them ? Should I buy an Extended Licence to get the Game maker source file ?

Sorry for the delay. The price of our Game Maker project files is decided by their programmer and this one is 3500$. Note that this is only about our Game Maker games and the project of our Construct 2 games are free.

Hi! How to make the buy or open heroes

Hi and sorry for the delay,

I have answered you emails