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Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you very much :grin:

Some pre sale questions ?

1. Can we reduce the weight of the image too ?

2. Can we use this for our current script and auto resize the u=images upload on the site ?

3. I tested your script, but how could we download the resized image for us to check the quality etc ?

4. Will this reduce the image quality to greater extent ?

Hope to see your early response and if all goes well, I would be your first buyer.

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1. yes,with a lower resolution

2. yes, this crop script and resampled, script based on imagecopyresampled php function.(use only the php Class in your project – image-resize.php)

3. just save the picture(Save as)

4. The script only works in one direction to reduce, the smaller the resolution of the original picture, the increase will not increase the quality of the image – Did you mean it?


  • my website is wordpress and I use automatic social media pluging ( to push the content from my wordpress to my social media pages ).

the isuue socail media pages skip some of my images ( imean it post the post without images ) and iwant to Quranty to push my images to socail medias incase if the post content images ( by automatic resize images after ubloaded or what ever ) is your pluging can do that ? My Reqards.

No, and no it’s not a WordPress plugin.It’s simple php script. Thanks

Hello, I would like to get this plugin but i have a few questions: 1. is there a change to upload multiply images? 2. can we keep the image the same size but save it on 400×1500(for example) white background? 3. can we make the system do it for those images automatic and download all of the in winrar?

contact me please.

Hi, 1. not provided 2. No. 3.1. not provided, see demo,after generating the image you can just save it(save as | images are also stored on the server without .png/.jpg)

Thank you for your interest

you can buy a product, test 2-3 of days, if something does not arrange, I will return the money