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Beautiful job! :)

Thanks diank123, :). We will continue making more plugins like this :)

Good job! bro wish you good luck with good sales.

Thank you So much codefairbd :) Hope you have good sales too Brother :)

Very nice design.

Thanks, ceb123a, for your appreciation :) love your portfolio.:)

Is HTML5 Location Service the only option to detmine visitors location? Now it gives each time a pop-up to my visitors asking if they agree to give their location. Is there anyway to get rid of this pop-up?

By the way the widget is very nice!

Hi ifreepress, extremely sorry for the late reply. We had maintenance problem in our ISP and we couldn’t reach our account.

Q: Is HTML5 Location Service the only option to detmine visitors location? A: No. But we used it in our plugin because it’s an HTML5 feature that won’t raise any unavailability of technology. And, before sharing personal data like location, it asks the user for permission. The other apis won’t prompt for permission, which is a bad practice.

Q: Is there anyway to get rid of this pop-up? A: Once a user has given permission, it won’t bother him anymore as the browser remembers his/her choice for the rest of the time. :)

Anytime. :)

Hi!, im from argentina, my question is: My web have many users connected from different provinces/districs, so i need show weather to each location user. How its possible?

No, this plugin show on location basis information. its not possible to show individual weather info from one location.

Hi there. Is there the ability to add more that one city?

This plugin locate one location to show that location’s weather.So its not possible to show weather information of multiple location.

Your weather plugin looks like it is almost what I need but three questions. 1.Shortcode? 2.Enter geo-coordinates instead of user IP detection. This is a must for my use. 3. Use single purchase license on subdomains or is a separate license required for each subdomain?

Thanks for your help, Raymond


Thanks so much for your interest :) Here’s our answers for your questions:

1. Short Code is not provided with the Plugin, as this is added as a widget to header/footer/sidebar. But we can customize the plugin for you.

2. This needs modification of product as well. But we could do this easily, so no worries :)

3. You will need separate licences for each I’m afraid, this is by Envato policy. (Please see the Regular license price Drop Down)

Finally, we charge very reasonably for any customization. Please email us at rashedamin87@gmail.com with full requirements and deadlines and we shall be happy to oblige :)


for pre sales question: 1. this weather plugin can detect users current location? 2. Is html5 geolocation will work with http? 3. Is thee any live version of this so i can test from my end?

Hi alvin_cosio

Thanks for your interest.Currently we are working on it,we will add more feature on it,So it will be better for you to buy the updated Plugin.


I’ve just purchased and installed this. What a great little plugin!

But I do have a couple of suggestions immediately:

Instead of just showing the current temperature, would it be possible to show the forecast low and high as well? So, 3 numbers Low | Now | High.

You’re using a mixture of units. The temperature is in Celsius (Metric) but the wind speed is in mph (Imperial). I need the speed in km/hr.

Not clear what the raindrop percentage is. Humidity? Chance of rain? Could be clearer.

If possible, please show the location as well. Otherwise, the user isn’t confident that the figures are really local.

Hi Phil,

We will check the issue, will give an update.


When? It’s been 4 days.

Hi Phil,

Sorry for late reply, We have tested the location issue. But we dont find any problem with this. It shows a pop up in both chrome and safari for allowing location.

But you can try this. There should be location icon in your address bar of chrome, please click it, and allow to access location. But if still there is problem. then give us a related screen shot.