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Hi, Is your plugin manage XPF currency ?

Yes,it does.You can check it in our provided demo.. :)

Hi! Pre-purchase question:

Is there a way with the plugin for me to set the price of each product with a diferent currency and all of then be converted to the brazilian currency real?

Ps. i’m using the products as variations, with the plugin”Pinpoint Booking System PRO”.

Hi lRodl, if you want to set different currency for different products, I’m afraid that’s an issue with Woo-commerce plugin itself. But doesn’t matter what the base currency is, our plugin converts them to Brazil Real without problem. :)

See demo and Search for ‘Brazil’ in the Drop-down to see result.

Hi, for variable products the currency shows twice. How can I fix this?

See here:

and here:


Hi, allwevegotrecords.

Thank you so much for getting this issue to our attention. We are currently working on a fix, after the fix we are going to give an updated plugin.

Thank you for your patience.

After installation. I get “Please Please Connect to Internet first” next to the products. I am also wondering if there is away to remove alternate currency on Categories and products with no pricing.

Thank you for your response. I was actually connected to the internet when that message was being displayed but seems now its not there.

The products are grouped into different categories. I only want to see alternative currency only while displaying an individual product.. not under product category page. Also, if a product has no listed price , I do not want to have alternative currency there as well.

Hi annengugi,

Glad the first issue is resolved :) For the 2nd, thanks a lot for the clarification. Right now our plugin works as a general converter without allowing further customization in grouped products / shop page. We are currently working on a large update to published very soon, we will make sure that your demand is addressed.


Thank you. I will have to get an alternative. It just looks weird to have alternative currency on product categories and non priced products pages.


I’ve bought and downloaded Creo Currency Converter but am struggling to see how to set up up.

It’s added the word ‘EUR’ under the product prices but nothing else and I can’t see anywhere in my dashboard where I need to go to set things up.

Can you help please.


Hi DeanArnett,

Yesterday (12-14-15), we saw your shop at, and we noticed you have successfully added the widget in the sidebar :) Normally, in WordPress, you cannot install a widget in the header, the available places where you can add a widget are shown when you click ‘Add widget’ Button.

Let us know if anything comes up :)

Hi. I have added the widegt yes, but your screen grabs show the dropdown above the product items, not below. Also each product has a price in sterling with (USD) in brackets next to it, but no conversion value.

This plugin is not working for me. It does not do what your ‘landing page’ suggests. There isn’t enough set-up guidance and I would like a refund please.

Hi DeanArnett,

Firstly, we deeply regret your experience. However, we believe you can solve your current issues if you do as follows:

ISSUE 1: It is ENTIRELY up to you where you want to put the dropdown widget. I am sure you are familiar with WordPress Sidebars and Footers, your site has both. All you have to do is add the widget in the right place, Sidebar/Footer. If you want to show the dropdown on footer, simply add the widget in footer.

ISSUE 2: You have DISABLED your cookies policy. Our plugin work with COOKIES and your site seems to not accept that. Well, I am afraid that’s a problem :) The USD value is the default conversion currency, in case COOKIE is not set, so our plugin is working but with USD currency only.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with our service, please email envato for a refund and they will do the same. Again, we are extremely sorry for your trouble. Hope you find your solution soon :).

Rashed, theCreo Team.

Hi there I have two questions: 1. How do I change the currency display to 2 decimal places (instead of 4) 2. I have some free digital products in my shop, I don’t want any alternative price to show (just Free! as the Woo Commerce default). Will this be addressed in the new update, or is there a change I can make now? Thanks!

Dear pianosaurusrex, Thank you so much for purchasing our product :) . Please send us an email at : and we will send you back a detailed instruction on how you can fix the issue yourself. Add more questions in your email for further query.

Hi, did you get the email I sent on 5 Jan? I haven’t heard back yet. Thanks!

Hi pianosaurusrex. We replied to your email immediately after. If you haven’t received it. send us another, make sure to include your envato user_id.

Love your plugin… Just wondering if you have plans to work the currency conversion into the shopping cart?

The customer can pay with selected currency?

Any answer regarding currency conversion into the shopping cart ???

Its working fine here,what type of problem are you facing?

Hi, does this support Woocommerce Booking Plugin – I want to do something similar to Airbnb, so need the Rental Cost to be changed to the user desired currency. I am looking into purchasing this theme –

Hi envirogex

Thanks for your interest.Our plugin is a currency converter.NOT a booking plugin.


Wocommerce Booking works with Woocommerce Products, so it has a price feature. What I am asking is if tiyr currency converter is integrated with wocommerce booking plugin.

No, It is not integrated with wocommerce booking plugins.



How to change the default currency. My store is in Australian Prices, but it showing US prices by default when your plugin is enabled.


Open Plugin folder>open woocommerce-currency-converter.php file> go to 78, 79, and 101 no line > change the code USD to AUD.


Is this plugin compatible with the newest versions of Wordpress and WooCommerce? It shows you haven’t updated the plugin since 2015, and it’s only compatible with Wordpress 4.3, and WooCommerce 2.4.x and earlier. I’m interested in this plugin, but only if it’s regularly updated.

Hi, Thanks for your interest.We are working on it,but it may take time.So, it will be wise for you to take any other updated plugin. Thanks.