Discussion on Credit Lite - Multi Branch Loan & Savings Management System

Discussion on Credit Lite - Multi Branch Loan & Savings Management System

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dctenrico Purchased

i need refund for this template.

Sorry we don’t provide any refund one you downloaded the item. You must require php 8.2 for this script.


dctenrico Purchased

i got this in godaddy hosting after extracting the my site. Could u help to resolve this issue. already took so many hours. if i downgrade to 8.1 so the other website doesnt work, even i put the code in composer.json to force PHP version, but doesnt work.

Error: Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version ”>= 8.2.0”.

You can send your cPanel acces to our support email so our support can check it out. Otherwise you may use different hosting if your hosting not support php 8.2


dctenrico Purchased

so which hosting u prefer? i have go daddy doamin, if transfer my domain to hostinger and use web hosting of hostinger, will it work?

Yes it will work.

Feature Request: Please add “Saving Report” on next release

Hello, very nice script. Is there an option to DISABLED “Deposit” & “Withdraw” on the left side MENU Panel ? Thank you.

Unfortunately no option available for disabling MENU from sidebar. But we can assist you for disabling menu from sidebar if you purchase this script.

Hi, thank you for the quick reply… much appreciated. Another question, On the “Add new member” page, the “PHOTO” option; if we use a Mobile device, is there another option to use automatically the CAMERA of the phone to take the photo of the client??? Thanks again.

Sorry there is no any seperate feature for mobile devices.

hello during the repayment entry, when i enter my own finger for example if i set principal amount to 0 and i only want to pay the interest fee, the system gives me 500 Error Server

Replied to your email


waqarbd Purchased

Hi I am considering buying this script but first I would like to know.

Will you make an Android and IOS App for this script? It would be good in Flutter.

Unfortunately we don’t provide mobile app services yet

Do we have frontend website for this business?

No it’s not comes with any frontend website.

is there any refer earn option

Sorry referral feature is not available.

How does your system compute the loan payment default penalty.?

(( Percentage of Penalty / 100 ) * Applied Amount )

Thank you for your response, how often is the penalty calculated billed against the customer. Every 30days of default, or every week or every day.?

If customer fail to repay before repayment date then he need to pay panelty for that repayment.

Do you have the provision for custom sms getway?

You need to write code for adding your own custom sms gateway.

were should i put the code in which folder Kindly provide guide lines

You may need to write code in multiple files. Contact with support for any technical questions.

Please I just wish to find out this one thing before purchase!

Is possible for you guys to convert it to desktop app after customisation?

We don’t develop desktop application but if you want then you can use this system in localhost without domain and hosting.

Hi I am considering buying this script but first I would like to know.

1. Will you make an Android and IOS App for this script? It would be good in Flutter.

2. How do you set it up to allow loan repayment every 15 days or every 2 weeks?

3. How do you set it up to allow loan repayments in anticipation.

Is their a feature of how to add a new currency in the admin dashboard, because I can’t find it.

You can add new currency from System Settings > Supported Currency. But you can’t add new currency in our demo.

I feel that Saving Interest Calculation is not accurate. For example, I deposit 100,000 Rs, with 4.00% interest rate, when I do monthly calculation, I get “328.77” interest for a month. How?

100,000 * 0.04 / 12 = 333.33 isn’t that so?

Savings interest is 100% accurate but you can’t calculate it normally. It’s a very complex calculation. It’s not like that which you calculated here. It’s calculate based on daily outstanding balance.

OK, I got your calculation formula now. It’s Daily Compound Interest. Could you add interest rate for monthly option please?

Simple Interest Rate for monthly, e.g: 100,000 * 0.04 / 12 = 333.33

I found several bug, or feature support:

(1) Interest rate does not allow decimal point, e.g: 3.5 per year is not allowed. It should allow decimal number. (2) Member import does not work for branch level. If a branch manager imports members list, it just goes to main branch. (3) There is no Profit/Loss report. In Revenue report, it shows only income revenue.

No, decimal point is not allowed in Saving Products> Account Type (admin/savings_products). Please have a check. I tried it in your demo as well.

In Loan products, it works, but not in saving products.

Now, it seems to work. I change from input type=”number” to input type=”text”

I thought you are talking about loan interest.

Hello, this my first day using the system and the system so nice and perfect but i would like to suggest that in the next version, please let guarantor form be independent as in let it not be a mandatory that a guarantor should be a member in the system and also add more text fields on the guarantor’s form like, the address, Gender, upload the photo for the guarantor, mobile number etc

And also on the Dashboard, add a Card Widget that shows the Daily Total amount collected from Loan payment…..(Based on current day) Thank you

Also produce for us an Android and iOS Mobile App connected to the system…I’m ready to purchase that APP

Where/how do I configure Payment Gateways?

i was able to install the system successfully but 20 minutes after logging into the system, i now face 500 server error

Whenever I’m trying to login, it gives me 500 | server error

Send support message for any types of support


webysis Purchased

when i go to give access control to user it showing me server error, can you please solve my error its very important


webysis Purchased

where i find the latest version of this system can you guide me

Go to download page and then download the latest file and follow the update instructions.


webysis Purchased

thanks its workable

PLEASE Include Fortnightly Payments (or every two weeks)

Create multiple selection option for Repayment Due Dates rather than the current drop down so it will enable settlement of more than 1 repayment period or amount

Anything not in this system that means you need extra modification.

I recon these are more or less standard features, not custom extra work request?


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