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Hi, can anyone tell me how to fix the SMTP error when i attempt to complete the form?

u need to have smtp enabled server.

SMTP server enabled and successfully sending test emails, but still throwing 5.5.1 error when attempting to get the “verification code”

The link to your demo is dead. Please kindly reactivate.

hello sir we have complete application you can share your skype id so i can demonstrate you the application.

skype id: Gazellez, MSP.

This software is very good. Someone suggested a wordpress plugin, but I WILL suggest that the software be made available in Joomla as a plugin, based on my own opinion and a vast majority of others, joomla is more solid and secured with better user access controll. Please look into it as this program is capable of generating lot of sales for you. e-banking options must be included for new members to join and existing members to view their account details. thanks

Hello Sauravart, can You tell me if it would be possible to make a Joomla plugin and how soon can it be possible. I have really been looking for this. Also can it be used on a linux server?

I have purchased the item from a week ago, but unable to setup the database. I did contact but they are not providing any support. Still waiting for their answer.

hey are you there , sorry for extremely late reply i missed out with your comment so if you have still any difficulties to configure it please let me know i will do the take care or rest all things.

Hi i am interest to purchase but demo website is not working.

error message:’s server DNS address could not be found.

Hello Sir, Till the time you can check the demo from following URL: User: 101 Password:12345

Hi, I have purchased this product but unable to setup database. Can you advise on how to set it up? There are no clear instruction in the manual. Thanks

What is the login details please. Thanks

Hi, I cant use the app because I don’t have any login details for it. Please send me admin login to use the application. Thanks

I used 101 / 12345 and I get errors. Please check

Demo not working

Hello Sir, Till the time you can check the demo from following URL: User: 101 Password:12345

I am looking to buy it , but demo not working .. please provide a demo link

in same folder you will be find .bak file with this u can restore the db

I am really sorry , i could not get the .bak file , please email me to

Hello still we cant run the project properly , please check your email and sort it out soon . I need to sort it very soon , else there is no issue of use this project. thanks

Do you have the Linux based version ?

No sir, we only have windows based application with us we are trying to release PHP version soon but this will release in next month

I hope you can Update your product and Include some Accounting Functions like Balance, Sheet, Financial Statement, Cash Flow Reports and I will e very very glad to buy it Thanks very much!

soon we are coming up with php version with advanced features. possibly it will release on codecanyon on 2-3 week of march.


when configuring Credit Co-Operative Society Management System source code

am getting this error

The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required.

pleas help

hello sir, can u send me mail including all details so i will configure every think and let you know

I almost purchased this application before i notice an important function which i will really need to involve my customers.

Is there any way to allow account holders (i mean registered members) to login on my website front page and see their account details and balance, but they will not be able to edit it, this will make this solution an award winning banking solution if possible. I’m waiting…

hello sir, Please have a look on following URL: username Password: member

do you have similar login for the Credit Co-Operative Society Management System? or is there a way we can integrate the solution with this Credit Co-Operative System. Kindly reply as soon as possible. The function on the solution is great exactly what i needed but it i don’t know if the admin area has similar functionalities like the Credit Co-Operative Society Management System. let me know the cost and where to but it.

yes sir there is save credit society management system for allow internet banking system for user you can activate internet banking for any user from back end there is same database for both application even we have more advance version of credit co-operative application.

Good System. Before I buy want to understand: 1) Does it allow a member to login from front end to check his/her account balance

2) Is it included in the price of this system?

hello sir, Please have a look on following URL: username Password: member

Looks good. How much is that module?

can you drop me a mail on

how soon should we await the php version. we are already in the middle of March. thanks

Max 1 Week it will takes to release

Is the php version to be built on a particular php framework like code igniter, zend or silex? Just been curious

The print menu and its sub menu is non-functional. Pls check and update to test demo site. SMS Gate way also doesn;t work. Can I add it in my existing linux supported (apache, mariadb supported) system?

Can we create agent login as there will be multiple agent doing collection and hence they can enter the details and report of agent collection report.

Yes , We can Create Agent Login in existent System If You Want this customisation, Please kindly mail me on with complete requirement.

Pre sales question: Print menu not work. Can you solve it immediately with support linux based?