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I will buy this once i see the frontend thing ready :) nice one.

Thank you! We are working on it very hard :)

hello again, can you say us SOMETHING about the approximate date of frontend part release? i asked you about this about 6 months ago!!! and you tell me “two or three weeks”, damn, that’s not good.

Hi! 6 months ago we started working on it, but there were some other projects that had to be done so we needed to postpone development of frontend part.
We have started development again recently and it should be done soon, but we don’t have any due date on it as it is big project and needs to be done thoroughly. It is in our interest to finish it asap.

Hiya, I really love how intuitive the UI is in the back-end and you’ve put in lots of great options for designers. I’m just a little confused on how I would do a full-width parallax section (ie, full-width to the browser edges). Is that something that can be done or is that theme-dependent? (As in, could I do that with the 2015 theme?)

Also, is there a way to add in custom shortcode/elements? I see there’s no ‘recent posts’ or anything for custom posts.

to have it fullwidth theme must have fullwidth page template. A lot of themes have such template. Twenty Fifteen theme has menu on the left so content would not be fulwidth, but it would fill entire area on the right. It is possible to add custom elements as shortcodes. Basically any shortcode can be supported it is only needed to write descriptive array of shortcode attributes, so that Creator knows to handle it. It is covered in documentation. Cheers :)

soooooo??? do you planning to release any type of update ( i’m already don’t say about frontend part, because you are lier ) ? :D :D :D

hello guys, i’ve seen here debates about frontend part of the builder, so will it be or not and when do you planning to release update? want to buy, but don’t see activity around your product

are you there?


Hi, sorry for the waiting, we had weekend and holiday.. Thank you for your interes in this plugin. We are currently working on frontend part (that is our priority), but we don’t have any release date. It is in late testing phase but we don’t want to release it until we are 100% sure in its compatibility and stability..
Cheers :)

I’ve bought a theme (Relevance) that uses the plugin. The homepage display the team members. But in the field “Position”, I would like to break a line in thte text. Is it possible? I tried tags like ‘br’ with no luck.

Hi, please post on our support forum, our dedicated team will help you with all your questions :) Cheers

is that an addon for visual composer?

Hi, this is stand-alone builder plugin. You don’t need anything else for this to work. :) Cheers

Hello, have a happy year. please let me know when you have updated and added frontend function. thanks.

Hello again.Creator support custom taxonomies, post types? thanks for your reply.

Hi, yes Creator supports custom post types
Cheers :)

Hello, how can I translate Creator Countdown (hours, minutes, seconds)? I have edited file countdown_tc.php but nothing happens.

Please post on our support forum, we have dedicated team there that will help yo very fast with all issues you have. Cheers

Hello, I was asked to modify someone else website with Andy theme and your plugin installed. I just did a child theme (as they were supposed to do and did not), but now all elements are not read correctly. In the fronted i see shortcodes instead. How can I fix it? thank you.

Hi, sorry for not replying sooner, I’m not ignoring anybody :) I’m glad you manage to do it on your own. We will check, but I believe that it is fixed in latest version. If you will have more problems please post on our support system – we will help you :) Cheers

ok thank you


sdho Purchased

This plugin works great, and I have had clients specifically request it. However, in your includes/enqueue_scripts.php, you load a Google Maps Javascript API file over unencrypted HTTP. Since I do all my websites over HTTPS, this creates a browser error. Please consider updating this so it loads over HTTPS!

Hi, thank you for let us know about it, we have made update it is currently on approval and will be available soon. Cheers :)