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David, the whole things a complete mess! Forget it!

Support has been great to work with, answered several emails form me and got me up and going.


How do you add a php variable to the “select from” mysql part.

I would likes to use a variable for the table name, but no syntax will work. How can I do this?

$params = array( ‘sql_query’ => “SELECT * FROM $table_name”, ‘search’ => $search, ‘multiple_search’ => $multiple_search, ‘items_per_page’ => $items_per_page, ‘sort’ => $sort, ‘page’ => $page, ‘total_items’ => $total_items, ‘header’ => ‘Brand, Item Number, Website, Title, Price, Link, Listing Status,Seller, Image, Entry Number’, ‘width’ => ‘10,10,10,10’, ‘items_per_page_init’ => ‘10,20,50,100’, ‘ajax_url’ => ‘20-export.php’, ‘form_method’ => ‘POST’,



Next time use the forum to put your doubt. Again, I repeat, please use the support forum to put your doubts. The reply will be faster, and also, your doubt could be already answered to another user. Thank you

I have no problem doing that, but it took you five days just to reply and say that.

That’s the main reason. The forum I see it everyday. Here, it’s not guarantee that I do so. As you may imagine, I have to work like everybody else. I don’t live on this product only. So I have very little time available. And even so, I try to reply to everybody in the shortest time possible. Sometimes when I am completely full of work, which is the case, that takes more time, but normally I answer on the same day. So, the only thing I ask is for comprehension. Thank you.

How to add a column to calculate different between two dates? Thanks.

Is it possible for the grid to be responsive

Hello Friends,

Anybody give me example hot to delete / delete from action. I found function in "my_javascript.js" but don't know how to implement it.

-Thanks, Tushar

Hello! Tell me, please, if I can with your plug-in to solve the following problem. Upload data from Microsoft Excel to Database MySQL, make a selection using a SQL-query and use the result of the request (1 column, 1 post in my case) as a parameter in my forms. The fact is that now I have to update the data in the elements of Visual Composer in manual mode, but would like to change content automatically (as a result of a database query). For example, to display a standard element “Text Box” as a result of pledged SQL-request. Your plugin make output in table form, whether is it possible to work with SQL-queries as I described above? Best regards.

my question has to do with filtering. I would have many sells for each record but I would like to have a checkbox filter and a search filter. example: - all unique states that are in the database would be a filter option (checkbox) - all unique company types that are in the database would be a filter option (checkbox) - would like a company name filter that would be a textbox. - would like to be able to filter by any combination of the above.

Is that possible with this as it is or would there need to be modifications made and/or would those modifications be possible?

Hi, you would need to make modification to be possible, so you would need to have some knowledge of PHP/HTML/Javascript/SQL to do that.


I have a pre-sales question.

I am using Joomla 3.x+ and I am very interested in your php script.

Is it possible to only show a Search box and button and when the button is pressed to redirect the user to the result page with the table?

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

Hi, it is possible, but you need to develop that, so you need to have knowledge on HTML/Javascript/PHP.


Is there a way to modify the table and convert it to divs? Thank you

Sorry but no. If you want that you will need to change the code of the creativeTable.php class.

how to make the ajax function faster…now it turn to error page after few searches…

Hi, Is it possible to save to csv file (rather than export it) and store the file in the server? Thanks

I have upgraded to PHP7 and it is generating mysql related error as it is not supported in php ( PDO, MySqli is being used instead ), so when you are going to support PHP7

Hi CreativeDreams. On your 03_instructions.html file you mention to user js/creative_table-1.3.min.js However, the file is not included perhaps because you know offer an updated version: js/creative_table-1.4.js Question 1: do you have the “min” version for creative_table-1.4.js? Question 2: my webapp users jQuery 1.10.2 and everything seems to work fine, except the javascript. If a click on a number on the pagination the URL changes, but not the data on the table. Perhaps it has to do with the jQuery version? Thank you for such a great script!

@mukeshdak I’ve asked him the same question. I recommend you take your question to CD’s Support Forum. If you have an account in CD’s forum you can view the question here:

Hopefully CD will reply soon.

Hi, sorry about the delay of the answer but i was on holiday the past few days. About your question, yes it is the 1.4 version file. About your jquery question, please email me and I will help you out step by step.

Hi @creativedreams,

Is your website down? I am looking for the best way on how to code PHP and CSS so I can have a certain row red (as in alert) depending on an SQL variable.

i need is easy way to filter 8 fields at the same time. please will it be possible or can u help my achieve that

Yes it is possible. Please send me an email through my profile of CodeCanion an I will give you the detailed help you need. Cheers

i need is easy way to filter 8 fields at the same time. please will it be possible or can u help my achieve that


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HI , i just bought Creative and just try to install . I have a problem to the 7th step : go to the examples page and see if everything is working well . i got this error :

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_query() in /homepages/19/d438662863/htdocs/ce/CreativeTable/creativeTable.php:220 Stack trace: #0 /homepages/19/d438662863/htdocs/ce/CreativeTable/creativeTable.php(172): CreativeTable->init_data_sql() #1 /homepages/19/d438662863/htdocs/ce/CreativeTable/02-complex.php(38): CreativeTable->table(Array) #2 /homepages/19/d438662863/htdocs/ce/CreativeTable/examples.php(73): include_once(’/homepages/19/d…’) #3 {main} thrown in /homepages/19/d438662863/htdocs/ce/CreativeTable/creativeTable.php on line 220

How to fix that ? :( i can’t use creativetable …

Hi, do you have MySQL installed on your server?


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Is there any scroll-bar options ? what if more columns are there to display ?