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Does this work with php 7 and above? I’ve just purchased. Tried installing in test environment which has php 7. However example don’t load any database content or return any errors. I’ve imported the test SQL data from assets and I’ve confirmed access to data base data through other web scripts and CRUD utilities. I also registered with and checked the CreativeTable support forum however there is next to no current information or posts.

The class still doesn’t support php7. Currently is on development to support that. the new version will be out very soon, so i thank you for your patience.

Hi, the PHP 7 is now supported on the latest veresion. Cheers

I too am very eager for a PHP 7 compatible version. Hope to see it soon! Otherwise, it’s a great script!

Hi, the PHP 7 is now supported on the latest veresion. Cheers

1. Your script seems interesting, but why you have never updated it since 2014? Do you intend to release it nextly, please?
2. I have a wordpress multisite network with a lot of sub-sites (> 1000 sub-sites). Is your script capable to modify automatically every user of the database for each of the subsites, please?
Thank you.

Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!

No, you will need a lot of development in order to do that. So you need to have solid knowledge on PHP. Chees

Almost bought this until i saw it didnt support php7

They usually take less than 48h. But it could go up to 5 days.

You support forum wont allow me to register, says it cant handle the request

I see that you already enter on the support forum. I’ll be glad to help you out through there.

I’d like to filter a date column by date range. Is that possible?

Lastly, I’ll need to be able to dynamically change the background color of a cell based on the date. Is that possible as well?

Thanks for the assist.

Hi, if you know php and javascript you can easily achieve those 2 features that you mentioned.

I don’t know either. I can stumble through and I can follow directions. I was able to get the text of the cell to change color based on a value.

Can you help me with a date range filter? I’d need some code and some instruction.

once the user searches CAN YOU allow for them to click on an items results (for example a book’s title) and that is captured and I can program in php to perform a function with that book’s title (or id) passed to the function? I want to use your search then allow users to perform a function based on what they clicked on.

Yes it is possible, but it’s up to you to develop that feature.

LOVE the plugin! I have a two questions… I have it working … But,

1. Using the extra column feature and I don’t want ALL the columns in my table to be shown… just ONE column along with the the action column. How can I turn off/hide some fields/columns that I don’t want to be shown in the table to the user? But leave the one I want along with the action column.

2. Do you have an example of how to add/insert a record to a table?

Really well done! I highly recommend…very flexible!


I find the answer to number #1 questions…example in the 13-display.php

Still need the #2. questions info. :)

Hi, please go to the support forum so that I know your email and send you and example. Cheers

Ok… I opened a question on the support forum. Please let me know if you need anything else. :)


I want to create a 15 columns and generate HTML pages ...can this be achieved easily….as I am a html designer no hands on database. Thanks

Sorry but I didn’t unerstand what you want to do. You want to create 15 columns on the Database? What you want to show on the HTML pages? Could you be more specific? What this script does is you pass a sql query and it creates a table with that DB info from that query.

I work with codeigniter, so I ask you if I can use. What must I need to and to my controler and to my view?

demo is down