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Awesome script, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you :)

1. You video is sped up way to much to see everything you’re trying to show.

2. You have to select 1 file at a time, and can’t shift or ctrl click them while staying in the file selection window?

Excellent script, work very good! GL with sales! :)

Thank you :)

Can FB “like” added to individual images in a gallery?

Hi alfe
Can be used to set up the project in the photo gallery
The project was to use the Lite version in the project

Exactly what I need for a client to add images to their server and grab a url location without knowing how to use a file manager. Great work! Be back soon.

Hey, I purchased this, installed everything as it told me, but the images aren’t uploading, please advise possible resolutions :(


hi snatchy…
Do you show you errors
Have you been installed on localhost

Hi, Multiple image upload is not working. Please advice.

Cheers ML

Hi, mlodhia
Wait for the new version will be out soon, multiple upload images

Thanks :)

HI, could i add pdf type?

This project is dedicated to Images


I regret purchasing it. It’s not useful in this state.

I’ll be very glad if you can change deprecated mysql connection to pdo. I tried to do that but it seems like it’ll take more time for me because I’m a stranger to your work.


Does this work with a database? How would I display them in an image gallery on my website if it doesn’t pull info about the uploaded images from a database? Thanks.

Great. Does the download have any documentation explaining how to insert entries into database?

Attachment with project sql file will import the file in the database

Sorry for all the questions.I just have a few more as I only have the very fast video to go by and there is no live preview. Regarding the SQL, is it for a MYSQL database? Does the upload generate thumnails that you can set the size of and is there an upload progress bar when uploading images? Thanks again.

Can this upload rar or zip ????

Hi,,,NO.. , only images in the next version to raise all types files

Hello, Just bought it but it is useless for production as input does not seem to be sanitized and it seems open to sql injections. Any ideas on that? Any chance you make your code more secure? Thanks

When you launch the project was his idea to use it within the control panels used by the Director to manage your photos

The next version will solve all the problems of security gaps and work protection

is possible integrate to ckeditor?

Can not the present version, but will be in the next release after improvements


can I upload video’s with your script? I need one script without deprecate mysql functions…maybe pdo or mysqli…

I will be waiting your answer

Best regards

Is there a demo for testing ?

Good script , useful and easy to modify, I like it

Thank you :)