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hi , it’s framework based ?

Hi it is not framework based, template system built on OOP… future updates will allow better OOP functionality.

Is it supporting Arabic Language (RTL) or multiple Language at the same time? I mean Is it supporting the choice of selecting the Language for end user or the visitors?

Is it possible to add for example the ability to add news of the company?

It does not support (RTL) at present or multiple language for visitors but I will add it for the next update as I think that is a great idea. I do not understand what you mean by add news about a company. You can add pages which could include company information or do you mean a news feed which you can update daily.

Yes I mean news feed so they can add the daily updates like their news or their events

also it comes to my mind about the calendar as well so they can show future events as well.

I will have a look at this to see if it is possible to include in a future update. Possible to display that information in the footer but I will look into it.

Hello, is encrypted? I want customize myself. Also, can I add my own theme? Thanks

Hi the code is not encrypted and yes you can add your own theme.

I like your script unframed easy installation in 2 minutes. Efficient and simple system of templates and blocks. Well documented. Forgot metadescription on pages. Good work, thanks and I wish you many sales.

Thank you for your comments, update coming shortly i will make sure the meta description is back in place.

Hi, I did a test using iframes but does not run, I can use without problems as content?? Thanks

Hi thank you for explaining exactly what you mean… the reason it shows a box with iframe within is because my system recognizes the iframe. Once the page is saved the iframe and you tube video are shown correctly. on the page. I have added a link in the description showing this working… this is only a temporary Link.

Hi, I’m glad to hear this! I will buy, really enjoyed :) again thank you very much for your patience and attention.

Thank you for patience and understanding as I was not sure exactly what you were describing at first. Thank you for your support.

Hi i have some questions for your cms, before i decide to buy it:

How easy is to integrate new templates, i have looked on the docs but i do not see the info about the template engine integration.

How is the template structured (in chunks, separate files on each function…)

Can i add my own custom contact form?

Your cms have URL rewriting function? i see that it use html files, i want the url to be showed like this

I need a blog/news function, with comments, search function and rss feeds, is this included ?

Do you have plugins in it like star rating, facebook, discuss engine, newsletter, tag clouds, membership system, shop, currency?

Can i use it on single domain or multiple domains?

The source code is clean or is encrypted?

In addition the source code is not encrypted…

Thx for the info, just purchased your script.

Thank you I really appreciate it…

Hi, can we add another form and php files (include)

The form is HTML and php so yes you can add, change and remove anything. You can add your own php files as long as you link within the files back to the necessary classes.


I´ve purchased this script but I got problem after the installation. The only visible page is the “Home” site all the other (about, services, gallery…etc) are not visible?! “Not Found The requested URL /About was not found on this server.Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

What have I done in a wrong way?



Hi sorry you are having these issues. can you please do a couple of checks for me.. can you show me what your htaccess file Also did you install your site with www or without www. if it is easier please email at

Also is your site live or are you using your local machine if you have a live site could please email me the link. Thanks

does it support RTL languages ?

Sorry not at this time. After I have finished working on a different product I will look into it.

Great Plugin!! best of your sale

Thank you I appreciate your comments, New Updates in the New Year.

Hi, demo does not work…

Hi Demo working for me, What errors are you seeing if any.


I have a small issue and was hoping you can help me…

I have to place everything in the admin333 folder which files do I need to update so everything still works?

Would really be cool if you can help on this one…

Robert ..

OH, Really nice job.. !!! Really like CMS lite….


In the upgrade folder the documentation list the files that you can upgrade manually. What version do you have installed at present for CmsLite as the latest version is only a few files.

I need to know your folder layout to understand your set up as I do not know what you mean by admin333 folder, is that what you have called your admin folder?

If you can give more information we can sort this issue you have…

Thank you for purchasing and liking CmsLite I really appreciate that.

the version before this release… about the admin folders correct the floder is called admin333 not admin but of course the file are directed to the admin folder… and thank you for your swift reply sorry that it took me so long.. Robert

Hi if you have not done so already you can copy over the files manually using the manual folder in the upgrade package. So for the php file in the admin folder just copy it to your admin333 folder and you should be good to go… don’t forget to make a back up first just in case.

I hope that helps if not let me know..



Ricco_S Purchased


i become this error in sql



MySQL meldet: Dokumentation #1044 – Access denied for user ‘U2924899’@’192.168.4%’ to database ‘DB2924899’


Is this a new install, if it is it looks like you have not set up your database permissions correctly. How did you create your database? using phpmyadmin or mysql on cpanel? Any other information you can give me would be good…


Ricco_S Purchased

I have send you a Message to your Mail:

I have replied, glad we got it sorted

Hi, the demo seems to be down! Would love to check it out.


Thanks for the heads up, never change anything when you are on the phone.

Demo working now.

beautiful work!

Do you have templates for this fantastic CMS?

The only templates at present are the dark and light ones that come with CmsLite. I will be looking to do more in the future but at this time I do not know when. Thank you for you purchase and kind words.


Editing the Contact page in the sidebar under “Contact Details” is not working to edit “2 Hunts Drive Dorset England Uk” nor “working hours”. The rest can be edited, but these fields remain uneditable. Do you know what that might be?

Hi Thanks for pointing that out, I deleted some code on the last update, I have put it back and left a quick zip file available under the description of CmsLite. for one day just overwrite the file with the new one in classes/class_page.php. remember to save a copy of your original file. I will do a proper update tomorrow with this fix.

The link is labelled Quick Fix….

Where do I download this Quick Fix file?