Creative Image Gallery for Visual Composer

Creative Image Gallery for Visual Composer

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Hey guys,

We’re very excited to announce our next creative WordPress theme.

Smoothly is more powerful than Colors Creative and Seriously. It contains 6 unique demos with dozens of creative inner pages. It includes enhanced versions of all our premium plugins (these versions will not be publicly available on Codecanyon), Visual Composer, and several exclusive plugins only available within this supercool theme.

Right now, we’re fine tuning its demos and documentation. If you like it, please, feel free to drop us a line via the form on this page.

Creative Image Gallery is a Visual Composer Add-on from the creators of Colors Creative WordPress theme that will give you the best looking galleries on the planet!

Easy to use yet powerful Image Grid

Are you tired using complex gallery plugins? Creative Image Gallery is the most balanced solution to show your beautiful images in galleries within Visual Composer in any WordPress theme.

Eight layouts

Choose between eight layouts – Equal, Auto adjust size, Large first, Masonry, Devices and Devices masonry to create truly unique image grids.

Five base cell aspects

Horizontal low, Horizontal medium, Square, Vertical medium and Vertical high – select any of them to adjust your layout. Devices mock-ups Truly unique feature: show your images within devices mock-ups. Note: this feature works only if you activate the Creative Devices Mock-ups plugin (sold separately).

Different number of columns

One, two, three, four, six or twelve columns – define any number on each breakpoint (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile) separately.

Scroll effects

Apply one of the six scroll effects to your image grid – Fast parallax, Slow parallax, Super slow parallax, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 – or don’t use any. You can link images to any URL to let users visit your local or outside pages. You can skip some of your images too.


Show background color and image, image title and description above your images with cool transformations like fade, scale, slide and rotate on each breakpoint separately.


You can define background color and image (used for each gallery item), apply different transformations (fade, scale, slide and rotate) and choose when to show it.


Use image title (defined within WordPress Media window) and show it for each gallery item. Define its color and transitions too.

Additional information

Choose the source for additional information (image caption or description) and show it for each gallery item. Define its color and transitions too.


Apply zoom in/out effect to gallery images and use fade, scale, slide and rotate effects for caption elements on any breakpoints.


You can define the number of columns, margin between items, zoom in/out effect for all images within the grid and all the other settings on each breakpoint separately.

Hundreds combinations

By combining different caption options, you can build hundreds different image galleries without even changing your layout. Presets (available soon in August) We really want to save your time. Therefore, we’ve prepared many presets that can be applied to your image gallery with just two clicks.

Default Visual Composer feature

You can use the built-in Presets feature in Visual Composer to view and apply our ready-made presets. Just visit the plugin’s landing page to find the right demo and choose the same preset within the plugin.

Save time

Presets will save your time for sure. Open the preset list, choose the preset you want, upload your images, and your image gallery is ready.

Constant updates

We are constantly developing new gallery demos and include their presets into the plugin. If it’s not enough, just drop us a line, and we’ll try to add the preset you need.

Extra features

Create any number of image galleries with unique option combinations on any breakpoints.


You can control almost all the plugin’s settings (like the number of columns, display options, caption transformations and a few other settings) on each breakpoint separately.

Unlimited galleries

You can build any number of image galleries on your website.

Thousands unique combinations

All the plugin’s options provide you the ability to create thousands of unique combinations. Don’t limit yourself and amaze your visitors.

Use any images, even GIFs

The plugin supports not only PNG and JPEG images, you can use GIFs too.


You can optionally display your gallery images in a lightbox that contains many options, works on all breakpoints and even on touch devices.

Documentation and support

If you want to understand how the plugin works, please, view its online documentation. If you have any questions after the plugin’s installation, please, drop us a line.