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Another masterpiece. I think I’ll buy this one right the moment. Love the parallax grid scroll. Can we make more pronounced variable scroll speed via configuration? Or just in the php?

Thanks man! Soon, we’ll include several presets too. And thank you for your suggestion: we’ve put this feature into our roadmap! :-)

I really like it, 2 pre-purchase Qs: 1. can I add titles/desc to enlarged photos in lightbox? 2. is it possible to change navigation buttons (arrows)?

Not really… 1. We’ve added the copyright info (example here – ) as image captions. 2. The arrows can be more visible if you change their colors to what you prefer. Could you provide examples of the arrows that don’t look so generic? Thank you! :-)

Re: 1 – fantastic – this is what I meant! :) 2. I rather should say “indistinct” or “neuter”- there’s no visual message in the arrows currently used – they don’t immediately tell visitors prev/next. It’s something there but they are too thin and too enigmatic. Well, just my 5 cents :-) Thanks for your superfast replies!

Hey, thanks for your feedback! :-) We’ll think about it…

This gallery looks amazing! I have some pre-sale questions.

  • Can images be linked to a URL instead of the lightbox?
  • Can HTML be used in the photo description. For example, to link to a project page?
  • Can the gallery handle a large number of images (approx 200)?
  • Will the gallery resize appropriately at full width? Or does it have to display in a fixed-width container?
  • Do you do paid customizations at all? I would really like filters like isotope gallery.

Thank you so much!!!

Hi, thank you very much! :-)
  • You can link images to any URL
  • You can use HTML in the photo description to be displayed in the lightbox
  • It can handle such a number of images
  • The gallery is adaptive
  • Sorry, no. Right now, there are several products in development. So, there is no time for that

Awesome, thank you. I think I can live without the filters for such an awesome gallery ;)

Thanks! :-)

Hi I just purchase the plugin and got a Fatal error during installation. Can you advise what’s up?

Hi, could you please open a ticket here and our Support team will reply to you tomorrow. Thank you! :-)

Will do.

Its a nice plugin but there is one HUGE ISSUE. How can we get this to work when we have Photon by Jetpack active?

Hi, don’t worry! Our Support team will help you with it! Could you open a ticket here to talk to them directly? Thank you!

ive submitted a ticket, but no one has contacted me.

Hi, we replied to you a week ago. Maybe, the email notification was marked as ‘spam’... Could you please visit our Help center to view our reply? Thank you!

whats the difference between this plugin and your Creative Grid for Visual Composer plugin? thanks!

Hi, both plugins have almost the same options for Grids. When you create a grid with Creative Grid, it uses featured images and meta data from posts (the plugin works with all post types except WooCommerce and blog posts). In order to create a grid with Creative Image Gallery, you need to upload images within each grid manually.

So basically, Creative Grid is for dynamic grids, while Creative Image Gallery is for static image galleries :-)

This is a fantastic plugin. Elegant and lightweight. Plus the service has been stellar; they helped us with some customization of the plugin to meet our functionality needs. Just great!

Thank you! :-) Have you seen our latest Smoothly theme?

I know you said the arrows can’t be changed by default, but can you tell me where in the source files and/or CSS they are defined?

They are not aligned correctly – the arrow part is noticeably off center.

Thank you!

Hi, could you open a ticket here and describe your issue in more detail? Thank you! :-)

Pre-sale Question: Can you display the images randomly.

Hi, that’s a good question! :-) There’s no such an option yet. But it’s not a problem for us to add it!

Hi, we’ve added this option. If you buy the plugin soon, just drop us a line, and we’ll send you its latest version directly. Thank you!

Hi, having a big issue with this. After installing and activating the plugin none of the links on the website work. each page has a big play sign in the centre of the screen. I have to disable the plugin to fix the site.

Have you come across this ? Easy fix?


Hi, please, open a private ticket here and provide access to your website’s admin panel (admin’s URL, login and password) to let us find out what’s wrong. Thank you!

I have submitted a ticket. Can you please have a look and advise. Thanks

Hi, we’ve already replied :-)

Hi – love the plugin but before I purchase. Does this plugin allow a lightbox of the youtube video or just the URL link to a specific YouTube page? I’d love to have the video pop up so the visitors can play the video without leaving the website. Thanks!

Hi Amanda, no, it doesn’t support videos… The only thing you can do is to link (all or specific) images to any URL’s you want. By the way, would you like to see more demos of this plugin (which are not publicly available)? :-)

Darn! If you ever incorporate a video lightbox feature for this I’d use it all the time. Hard to find the functionality and design you are looking for all in one but this plugin has both! And sure – I’d love to see the new demos!

:-) Let us launch our next creative theme first, and we’ll think of updating the Gallery plugin… Please, email us via this form and I’ll send you the demo URL’s!

Hello, pre purchase question, i need to create a mini gallery with 4 variations of a product, every variation can have a caption/title and i need to navigate through images in something like ‘lightbox’.

Hi, you can look at our latest Smoothly theme’s demos – We’ve used a lot of Grids and Galleries there. And since both plugins share almost the same features and options, you can find a grid you like :-)

Sorry, that purchase code is for a different Envato product. wont let add support its telling me my product is being used, and it wont let me authenticate with envato but im purchased.

i go to add images and the busy icon spins and spins and deosnet let me add my images php 5.6 latest sql version

Hi, just replied to you via Ticksy :-)

hello, how can we sort photos by title?

Hi, just replied to you via Ticksy.

Hello! The plugin looks fantastic. I have a short pre-sale question. Can the external links be added to the gallery or does it only work with site’s media gallery?

Thank you!

Hi, Is there a syntax for opening links from gallery images to a new window? _blank? Or an adjustment I can make? I have presentation in the morning I would love to use this plugin to make the presentation of links to sites.

Would love a tweak.

- Chris Three

Is this plugin still being supported? I tried accessing your Ticksy page and it is not coming up, however I do know that Ticksy has issues from time to time.


hey! any body home? I’ve just purchased. Why you do not support this plugin and do not making further development? Anyway, I need your assistance in one question – I need to use your plugin with mine lightbox plugin – ModuloBox. Could you help with that? just add function “link to mediafile” by click. Like it works in stock WordPress gallery or single image. Or tell me, what query css class (or how it names) is used in your plugin? I can add “Custom Query Selector” in ModuloBox options. And mine lightbox will intercept your custom selector..

I’m having issues with your plugin. Somehow it interferes with the theme and aligns everything to the right side? Could you please help?