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Sweet. This looks great. I know a client who wants exactly this. Thanks Openmarco!

You’re welcome man! By the way, Font I Want update is coming: this week we’re going to (finally) release Typekit, and a week (or two) later font upload…


Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks mate! :-)

Indeed is a creative grid. Wish you all the best.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Thank you mate! :-)

Hey Openmarco,

It looks interesting but honestly, it’s not very clear exactly what your plugin does to me.. ? Can we see screenshots of the way it works within Visual Composer?


Sure mate, you can go through the plugin’s docs here

Hi Everybody. I need to show simple post in the grid, but i can add just the other post type. In settings page i can’t find post. I just see all the other post type. Can you help me?

OMG why this plugin doesn’t work with simple post? I assumed that it was so! When the new plugin will be released? I need the new plugin, not just this one. If it’s possible with this credit i will buy the different release!

Don’t panic! :-) Just create a ticket here, and our Support team will tell you how to bring the posts back without the need to wait for the next plugin.

ok so if i can bring this plugin working with post don’t accept my refund request! Thank you very much

Can you shoot me over the presets early? I’d like to give them a spin on a project I’m in the middle of taking from Dev to Production… if you can. :)

Not today, but within a couple of weeks we’re going to roll them for everyone. By the way, you can create a ticket with a couple of grid examples, and we’ll try to send you shortcodes for them! :-)

I really like it. Impressive.

Thank you very much! :-)


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Hi Marco, Nothing appears in the “source” field. I would like to show the title of the page for text 1. how should I do it ?


Dju303 Purchased

Yes I chose the post types I wanted. But there is nothing in front of the “source” field for the text 1 and text 2.

Please, create a ticket here and our Support team will help you with this issue. Thank you!


Dju303 Purchased


cool work, i wish you all the best for your sales

Thank you! :-)

Does this plugin makes the change color background transitions or that’s something else integrated?

Hi Joseph, could you rephrase the question? :-) I don’t think I can understand you correctly. Thank you!

Hi, in the demo, the background changes smoothly, has a .5s transitions animations, its goes from white to green, i assume it changes to the color depending on the assigned color of the row.

my questions, does this plugin provides those transitions on background rows colors, or is something else running other than this plugin, if so, what plugin is making those color transitions cause i want it.

Now it’s pretty clear :-) The plugin’s landing page was built using our Colors Creative WordPress theme. The page header color changes can be defined in page headers only (you can set up to 5 colors in it). In addition, there is a feature called ‘Shifting’: when you scroll the website, the website’s body color changes to the one defined in a row