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Sweet. This looks great. I know a client who wants exactly this. Thanks Openmarco!

You’re welcome man! By the way, Font I Want update is coming: this week we’re going to (finally) release Typekit, and a week (or two) later font upload…


Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks mate! :-)

Indeed is a creative grid. Wish you all the best.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Thank you mate! :-)

Hey Openmarco,

It looks interesting but honestly, it’s not very clear exactly what your plugin does to me.. ? Can we see screenshots of the way it works within Visual Composer?


Sure mate, you can go through the plugin’s docs here

Hi Everybody. I need to show simple post in the grid, but i can add just the other post type. In settings page i can’t find post. I just see all the other post type. Can you help me?

OMG why this plugin doesn’t work with simple post? I assumed that it was so! When the new plugin will be released? I need the new plugin, not just this one. If it’s possible with this credit i will buy the different release!

Don’t panic! :-) Just create a ticket here, and our Support team will tell you how to bring the posts back without the need to wait for the next plugin.

ok so if i can bring this plugin working with post don’t accept my refund request! Thank you very much

Can you shoot me over the presets early? I’d like to give them a spin on a project I’m in the middle of taking from Dev to Production… if you can. :)

Not today, but within a couple of weeks we’re going to roll them for everyone. By the way, you can create a ticket with a couple of grid examples, and we’ll try to send you shortcodes for them! :-)

I really like it. Impressive.

Thank you very much! :-)


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Hi Marco, Nothing appears in the “source” field. I would like to show the title of the page for text 1. how should I do it ?


Dju303 Purchased

Yes I chose the post types I wanted. But there is nothing in front of the “source” field for the text 1 and text 2.

Please, create a ticket here and our Support team will help you with this issue. Thank you!


Dju303 Purchased


cool work, i wish you all the best for your sales

Thank you! :-)