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can we had multiple spot markers?

Hi, so far you can put only one marker per a map. But we’ll think of adding such an option. Thank you!

I SOOOOOO love this plugin. I’ve been searching for weeks for a good mapping plugin that had flexibility and style. I’ve bought literally every one on codecanyon, and not been satisfied by any.

This one is the top and if I know Openmarco, with his amazing Colors theme, its continued evolution and development, this one will only get better over time.


Can you do zone overlays? For example, if you ran a little league site, and you wanted to add “zones” so that kids in one area play for this team, kids in another area play for another, etc…and the map would display a different color over that area with the hotspot in the middle, is that possible with this?

Hi, no, you cannot do it with our add-on. Sorry :-(


This is really what I am looking for in a Google Map plugin, however I do need the ability to add multiple markers to a map. What is the timeline you think you’ll be able to add this functionality?


Hi, this is what many people are looking for… However, we cannot say anything regarding the timeline right now. Sorry :-(

Ok, thanks for letting me know.

I bought your theme… is this now included in the theme?

Hey man, this is an improved version of our Maps element included in the theme. We’ve reorganized tabs, added several new map controls and an option to define texts on markers. In addition, we’ve created a new demo (the Maps landing page) which is available only if you buy the separate add-on. So if you don’t need all this stuff, you don’t have to buy it. :-)

Hi I’ve question. Is this possible put on the map more than one marker.Regards

Hi, so far you can put only one marker per a map

Opps.I I have read “main features overview”. Only one :( Thank you

Wow – this plugin is awesome too! Great work!

Hey guys, thank you! :-)

Hi. The presentation is broken. 7. Maps Gallery Explore

Thank you very much mate! We’ll fix it ASAP!

Nice work GLWS :)

Fixed! This issue occured only on our demos (i.e. there is no bug in the plugin)


Where can add the Google Map Api Key ?


Hi, please, submit a ticket here and our Support team will help you! Thank you! :-)

Hey I cannot place spot on the map, please help! in the form box cant input any coordinates or address what I want, except some city. How do I use google map key? Please guide me, I just need map on my visual composer.

where’s costumizer-google maps?

Hi, please, submit a ticket here and our Support team will help you! Thank you! :-)

Ok sir, here’s my ticket: 903724. thanks!

Searching cities, place, coordinate is not working in my wordpress website. I try to put this plugin in two different hosting. Try to put difference google map api. Still not working.

Hi, please, use the following website to contact our Support team. Thank you!

This Plugin simply DOESN’T WORK. I’ve repeatedly wrote to developer to fix problem but it hasn’t been fixed. Although my API key is clearly authorized to use the project, I’m continuously getting an error from server end that it’s not.

Developer will not check his coding to find error. Just insists that the problems is my fault. He has not shown me any proof to the contrary (even a temporary API on his end would be helpful.)

And, I’ve set up multiple projects with API keys in the past that have referrer restrictions. This easy setup should not be giving me this level of problems.

Hi, actually you’re wrong. We sent you a screenshot where Google said that the key was not valid for that domain. We even created a new API key and used it on your website and it worked well. Could you just talk to our Support to resolve this issue? Thank you!

I finally got it to work. The issue is your project uses 2 types of APIs of which you give the user no clue to: (1) The Geocoding API needs to be activated for the administration section’s “marker position” field. (2) The JavaScript API (I think) needs to be activated for actual map (client). Nonetheless, no plugin documentation exists for this important direction. The plugin is excellent. I have a problem with your customer service, which isn’t thorough. Instead of looking at all angles, you adopt this, hubris coder attitude of the “customer is always wrong” rather than what you should be asking: “What else code be the problem?”

I suggested to use a temporarily created API key to see what type of issue could be happening on the customer’s end. This would have turned on a lightbulb that would have suggested the customer needs to enable API A and API B. Customer Service is more important than product you create.

Thanks man! :-)

Hi, the plugin not work, I can not enter the location of the place, the window is not displayed !

Hi, did you specify your Google Maps API key in the plugin’s settings?

Yes, that’s the first thing I did. I activated the API and entered the key of the setting plugin but not work. The “marker position” window is not displayed.

Hi – I have the same issue as the user above (set market location does not appear in the plugin settings)

H man, let’s discuss the issue via Ticksy :-) Thanks!