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I purchased this plug-in a while ago, and am experiencing some problems with it. The animations for the images don’t properly work, and I can’t even get the demos that were installed to work. Moreover, the plug-in has affected other parts of the site. For example, I cannot schedule posts ahead of time, I can’t see the daily site stats, etc. I believe the plug-in is compatible with my blog site, cause I currently have Wordpress 3.5. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

This plugin has nothing to do with posts timing and daily site stats.

Compatibility is also tested already on all the mentioned versions without any problem.

Though, you can send me the url of your website. I ll look into it.



The URL is

The plug-in is at

I don’t know if you would need me to make you a member to actually go into it and check it out, but if so, just let me know.

I appreciate your help.

Send me your logins too on email. TY

Bought your Gallery. How to implement it on Homepage?

For some reason this code; <?php thumbwpjbcc_implement(‘XX’); ?> is showing the gallery on Homepage and other pages. The code that implement it on a specific page or homepage is not working.

How do i implement it on a particular page such as Homepage – current code does not bring out Gallery output.

if i need to put the code inside page, i want to put it in a text widget. What code can i paste in a text widget?

Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

Hello, i have it coming out as desired. Never mind earlier post. I have one question. I need code to paste into a widget box so it can appear in desired location. Thanking you in advance.

Please let me know, when you do it. Thank You

I just bought it and it just does not work, of course there is no number to call or customer support.

Lol. U need to unzip the downloaded file. The plugin zip is inside it along with the documentation. Currently the documentation is also treated as plugin in your case. Just upload the plugin zip.

Thank you


I don’t understand?

Unzip the downloaded zip file. You will find 2 folders. 1.) Documentation and 2.) plugin folder.

You need to zip this plugin folder (if not zipped) and then upload from plugins section in admin panel.

TY Jay

HI Jay..

how do i close the image popup?


There is a close button at its bottom. Ty

I’ve got the gallery almost ready, but I can’t find settings for darkening the background when the image pops up.

In the Bikes demo, when you click an icon, the background darkens when the full-size image appears. I haven’t been able to locate that setting anywhere. Please advise – thanks!

Can we just get a refund on this we need the gallery up this week before our commercial spots run we don’t have time to make it work sorry.

Well just send me ur admin details. I ll put it on ur site. Ty

I have made the update. You will get the notification once it is approved. Thank You


Hi Jay..

how can i remove empty icon box’s? there is 14 box’s. i need only 8.. can you help?

they are only there to add any new ones. Leave them as empty. they wont affect anything. ty

creative gallery menu inside of “settings” ( i want to put it under the page menu ).. :(

emailed you. Thank you

You are loading javascript files on all admin pages. This is causing javascript errors on other plugin pages and is preventing other jQuery based plugins from working properly. Please see this WordPress codex page for more information on only loading your files on pages needed by your plugin:

Adding this code to cc_creativegallery/thumbwpjbcc_main.php fixed my particular issue

function thumbwpjbcc_scripts() { if(is_admin() and (!isset($_GET) or !isset($_GET[‘page’]) or $_GET[‘page’] != ‘thumbwpjbcc_list’)) return;

Ok. Thank you

no social sharing ? why ?

There is social sharing example. Check the demo or live preview. Thank you

Bought this, installed on wordpress 3.6.1. I can see the demo galleries, but can’t create a new gallery or add a new box. When I try and save a new gallery it says that it is saved successfully, but it is not in the list of galleries when I go back. If I edit one of the demo galleries, I can add a new image, but not a new box. Again, it says updated successfully, but there is no new box when I refresh the page. Please advise…

I purchased this plug-in yesterday. and it does not work Send couple emails to mr. jaybabani , no answer, why sell plug-in if dont support???

I also emailed him yesterday and no response yet. Guess patience is virtue. I checked out your site (slonyk) and see it doesn’t work. My question for Jay. The plugin works great on my theme, The 7, but when I paste the shortcode onto a test page, half of the images disappear to the left side of the page. I tried to center the shortcode so it would show more evenly on the page. Anyway to do this?

Mark, Miami, FL

Ok Jay, I see via comments I am not the only one having centering issues. I believe there is code to add. How about if i give u my credentials and you do it? Want it centered on the page so icons do not disappear into oblivion! Plus do not want it covering up other page elements. Thanks. Mark

Jay. I sent you over the weekend my WP credentials. New page for you to look at is: “Creative Gallery” Actually, I changed my theme from boxed to fullwidth and gallery shows. However there is a problem. I copied and pasted some text and put your shortcode below it. On page view the gallery is way at the top above the text. I also need to know, if you can do it, to center the gallery. Thanks, Mark

Don’t buy anything on this site, especially from this author, I bought this plug-in, it doesn’t work, many times wrote to support, answered nothing, it is a site of deceivers! ! !

Hi, I just purchased your plugin, the close button did not display and also overlay background color did not showing as well. can you pls advice? Thanks

Can I have any link being opened on an image or is it just the image itself? Thank you!

Any image can be opened. Thanks