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I bought this script and I’m very happy with it. What I like more than the features is the fast, friendly, and professional service I received. In my opinion, service after the sale, is where the value is.

The instructions are elegantly designed and simple to follow; however, I experienced a problem. ProspecktDesign researched my problem, and although the problem existed on my server side, they supplied me with a new file that was compatible.

To give an example of their loyalty to service, the tech I communicated with was on vacation, while he was helping me. Thanks guys… I am looking forward to using this product. I would not hesitate to buy any future scripts from your company.

Best regards, Michael G.

Hello, webxradio!

Thanks for nice comment :) In my turn i would like to say it is very pleasant to work with customer who provides all necessary information to properly localize problem and address the issue!

Thanks & Regards, Prospekt.

I saw a site with similar feedback:http://www.naukrify.com Hope you can add it.

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Demo doesn’t work?

Hello, brundo!

Due to hosting problems yesterday demo was unavailable for couple hours.

Now it is working ok :)

Regards, Prospekt.

Hello, is it multilanguage ? or easy to modifiate in the code ?

Hello, gnark!

Unfortunately, plain html version is not multilingual. We have a wordpress version which does have language settings: http://codecanyon.net/item/creative-feedback-form-with-voting-system/509440

I can’t answer about code modification difficulty since the difficulty depends on personal perception ;)

Regards, Porspektdesign.

Hi there ProspektDesign

Installation went great and very easy. Just one question, is it possible to set a link to activate the feedback instead of the image?

Hello, dan012609!

You can do it and you can refer to section 6 in installation.pdf. I will copy it here but codecanyon message filters won’t let me do it good ;)

You can also use your personally themed link or line of text using followign snippets: fb.object.show();return” false=””>Leave a feedback or fb.object.show();””>Leave a feedback Here onclick (onclick=”__fb.object.show();”) event is important. You are required to add “return false;” if you use this event on anchor tag to stop page reload.

Regards, ProspektDesign.

Hello, When I use this script I get every time that the captcha text is not correct. No matter how many times I refresh the captcha to get a new one it still incorrect. Please help.

Thank you and love the script.

Hello, remixthis!

Can you please give link to your website? Most likely it happens due to improper website configuration. Our specialists will try to examine it and give you an advice.

Regards, ProspektDesign.

Hello, is this script supposed to work in localhost mode? Because I am trying to run your script in my MAC (XAMPP/Apache) and I got 2 errors: - The Like Button doesn’t work. - When I refresh my page, all comments are gone. Is this a bug or your script is only supposed to work on a server side? Thanks.

Hello, all3xx!

It should work on lamp server aswell. Maybe you lack permissions for that though. It looks like the plugin is not able to save its settings within config files. Unfortunately, i am unable to provide futher advice (it will depend very much on your server configuration).

Regards, ProspektDesign.

if have category (for use multiwebsites feedback or feedback for Different services) It was awesome. and have comment system.


You feedback form is looks good but do you plan to extend the functionality as on this feedback script for example http://codecanyon.net/item/ideafeed-interactive-user-feedback-system/6189122

I will buy your script if you will improve it.


I think you are not interested in this plugin but rather in selling yours.

Good luck :)

Hi, Can I also use the button vertical because I did not see an example. I think vertical is more easy to see in a site. If so I will buy, Thanks

Hello ramallard,

yes it can easily be used vertical position.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hi there, very good and useful looking script, well done. I do have a couple of questions prior to purchase though. 1. Can it tell me which page the user was on when they sent the message (useful for broken links etc). 2. PHP mail is disabled on my server. I have a contact form on it which works by using my hosts smtp details. Will your script work on this setup? Many thanks for your response.

Dear matsp!

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, page tracking is not supported in the script (its primary goal is to be used for general feedback and ideas). Regarding you second question – there is no mail support out of the box. You would have to do additional coding to connect it with any mail system.

Regards, ProspektDesign.

:-) Hi ProspektDesign, cool plugin. I want to know a couple of things before buy it.

What I want in my project is the user send the Question and later I will moderate to post it or not (in case the content is inappropriate). Will I be able to set to private by default?. Is it possible to moderate the questions from admin panel?.


Hello kuikics,

unfortunately at this point moderation is not possible :(

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

And can i easily delete Questions or ideas?

Hello kuikics,

there is no admin interface for editing feedback if you like – you can remove unwanted feedbacks and/or manage votes in /db/db.inc Each line corresponds to some feedback item.

Hope this helps :)

Is there a wordpress plugin coming for it? Thanks

Hi, Any plans on updating this plugin?