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Great to see a product on Codecanyon targetted at Drupal, congrats.

Just a few questions: 1. How does the product tie in with the Drupal eco-system (e.g. does the Private checkbox post to a specific Organic Group or role?) 2. What details of this product be configured from within Drupal’s admin section? 3. Are the idea’s/remarks/problems nodes? 4. Can captcha be turned off for members? 5. Does the submit form use the Form API ? 6. Does it hook in with the Voting API ?


Hello, conorcan!

Basicly this plugin is a drupal version ported from wordpress. It does not create nodes or utilise any of drupal form api. Data is stored in separate table. In admin section you can configure theme, color, label position, email notifications and translation of plugin.

Regards, Prospekt.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

>>It does not create nodes

It should be light and zippy so. Best of luck with sales.

Is this product also usable without Drupal? I am looking for something like this already for quite some time.

Hello Iggdance,

in our portfolio you can find several versions of Feedback Form including Wordpress one.


Do you include the “follow scrolling”-function in the script? Since you have the button on 2 diffrent places on the demo.

Also, is it possible to change the content of the pop-up to just some text instead of the feedback/voting system?

Hello, 5568386725!

I did not understand your questions unfortunately :( We do not have any follow scrolling function in script – the button is positioned via css position rules.

It is impossible to change content of popup without breaking in code, unfortunately.

Regards, Prospekt.

Thanks for you answer. I have uploaded a printed screen @

Please take a look. I am only interrested in the image that follow the page when you scroll – not the feedback function. Is this possible? I am using Drupal 7.

BR, 5568386725

I want to give a thumbs up to you. Not only the module is great and very useful, but your support and respond time is the best I have seen and I truly appreciate all the help you gave me when I ran into issue due to the theme. Great work

We are here to help :)